Hanging Rain Chains
The world of commercial watershaping can be a far cry from residential work, says Rick Chafey. It requires a completely different mindset and rigor when it comes to working in a team environment with far more stringent requirements for permitting, engineering and oftentimes on-site adjustments. The tricky water feature pictured here, he says, was a perfect example. ...
The Magic of Medium
For all the attention record-setting fountains receive when they come on line, the medium-to-small fountains are the true bread and butter for the industry that makes them. As David L’Heureux of Crystal Fountains explains here, working at the more commonplace tiers of the market requires every bit as much creativity, flexibility and sometimes patience as needed when tackling fountains that become household names.   ...
JED Offers Flower Fountain
JED Pool Tools (Scranton, Penn.) offers a three-tier wall-mounted pool fountain featuring a flower petal design. The fully adjustable fountain spray height and direction, make it an ideal addition to any swimming pool, enhancing the outdoor living area with beautiful arcs of water and the peaceful sounds of the spray while relaxing poolside. The fountain hooks directly into 1-3/4” threaded return fittings. To learn more, click here.
Timely Facility Upgrades
For commercial public and private aquatic facilities of all types, making the best use of downtime during the pandemic for key upgrades is a great way to capitalize on what is otherwise a time of dryness. And, according to aquatic play solutions consultant Cory Anderson, it might not be as expensive or difficult as some might think.  ...
WaterShapes Returns
WaterShapes has been going through some big changes, some readily apparent, others are more behind the scenes. As Editor Eric Herman explains, after a set of much-needed upgrades, the publication is set to deliver the content readers have come to expect. ...
Belle’ Lumiere
Lighting some of the most historic fountains on the planet is no small responsibility, reports David L'Heureux and George Ayer of fountain designer and manufacturer Crystal Fountains. Equipped with both the necessary experience and technology, the company was tapped to bring illumination to the legendary fountains of Versailles – and the results are beautifully illuminating.
Article Title
The notion that water can be used to treat physical problems and conditions is not new. In fact, when you study the history of watershaping and aquatic design, one of the first things you learn is that the ancient Romans might actually have had a better grip on the healing and nurturing powers of water than we ever will. ...
Fountain People Make Modern Scuppers
Fountain People (San Marcos, Tex.) offers three modern, sleek brass scuppers that are easy to…
Circular Engagement
Designing fountain features requires understanding the needs of the space, the clients and how the technology meets those demands. The Atlantic Station Park Expansion Project in Atlanta is a classic example of that kind of design adaptation - especially considering the engineering methodology needed to bring complex water displays to life. When our company, Fountain Source, Sierra Madre, Calif., became involved, the property was
Detail: A770
While many construction details are forever hidden from view, notes Dave Peterson, others stand front and center. This waterwall treatment, for instance, is a prime example of a simple design idea that shapes the fluid characteristics of the feature while also keeping it from splashing into the surrounding area.