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The Disconnected River
Lazy rivers have become a mainstay in countless waterparks and resort pool facilities. As Eric Herman points out here, it is vitally important that when properties advertise the presence of a lazy river, that it actually fits the definition. As he recently discovered, it’s a surprisingly big disappointment when that turns out to be untrue. ...
Building a Cenote
Artificial rock can be used to great effect across a spectrum of watershape settings, especially when the design is inspired directly by nature, explains Bruce Riley. Case in point, this elaborate project is designed to recreate the magic of cenotes, the legendary watery caves of the Yucatan peninsula. ...
The Clean Scene
The benefits and importance of bather cleanliness are well established. From managing water quality to preventing the spread of waterborne diseases, showering stands as one of the frontline swimmer-health measures. As Paolo Benedetti points out here, showers also represent an opportunity to add value to the watershape environment with interesting designs, materials and by enhancing the experience of getting wet. ...
Considering Plants & Pools
For many watershapers, plants are a mere afterthought. That’s a mistake, says “garden artisan” Scott Cohen. He takes the opposite approach by embracing planted areas as one of the primary design elements in all of his company’s projects. Doing so, he explains here, reduces liability, increases project control and opens up myriad design possibilities.   ...
Pentair’s Tiny GloBrite Lights
Pentair offers GloBrite lights, color changing LED fixtures that generate five fixed colors; with seven preprogrammed light shows. The fixtures are compatible with the IntelliTouch and EasyTouch Control Systems, they can also be used with an optional Color Sync Controller for Pentair Color LED Pool Lights. They do not require grounding or bonding and they consume far less energy that halogen or incandescent lights. Read More
Career by Design
Becoming an independent aquatic designer is an aspiration for many watershape professionals looking to leave the rigors of construction behind. Working his way through nearly all aspects of pool design, construction and sales over a nearly three-decade career, Kevin Woodhurst recently made the full design transition, a journey, he says, that was both deliberate and, at times, also unexpected. ...
Hayward’s CrystaLogic LED Pool & Spa Lights
Hayward Industries (Elizabeth, N.J.) offers CrystaLogic LED Pool & Spa Lights. UL listed to retrofit virtually any installed niches, the 12-volt, two-wire, all-plastic, lights can be installed four inches from the waterline. The optimized LED and optic design deliver both extraordinary lumen per watt energy efficiency and associated long lifetime cost. All pool and spa lights offer dramatic energy savings of 84% over incandescent lights. To learn more, click here.
Big and Beautiful
Rico Rock was recently asked to provide its GFRC panels for a large waterfeature for an even grander lagoon made by the Chilean firm, Crystal Lagoons, a company that has set records around the globe for creating the largest recirculated swimming pools ever built. The result is a stunning feature on the “shore” of a Texas housing and resort development that offers luxury in a dynamic recreational setting. ...
Pools of Light
'If there's ever been such a thing as a match made in heaven, swimming pools and landscape lighting lay a strong claim to that perfection.'  That's how Mike Gambino opened his Currents column in November 2009. 'Separately, they take little-used spaces and transform them to all-day hubs of activity and sources of constant beauty.  Together, however, the magic
Lighting by Design
What's involved in a good landscape-lighting project? Whole books have been written on this topic, and it's not hard to find week-long workshops devoted to showing professionals how to produce finely illuminated environments for their clients. If you're a designer or a design-oriented contractor, however, I'd suggest that you have enough of a head start that we can set you off in a good direction with this brief article and its focus on the features of a good lighting program. You already think like an artist, which is great, and know how to identify focal points and