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2002 Editions (10)
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2002 Editions (10)

January 2002 (Vol. 4, No. 1)

Skip Phillips on Hearst Castle’s watershapes; Brian Van Bower on the Raleigh Hotel pool; Douglas M. Roth on Katsura Rikyu.

February 2002 (Vol. 4, No. 2)

Kathy Marosz on project integration; E.J. Biernesser, Pete Biernesser & Mike Raible on restoring a lakeshore; TomMoneta on spa-edge details; Rafe Affleck on scupture and water.

March 2002 (Vol. 4, No. 3)

Mark Holden on period-appropriate design; Jim Morris on water in a massive sculptural composition; Paul L’Heureux on lighting for modern fountains.

April 2002 (Vol. 4, No. 4)

Steve Oliver on a multi-level, sculture-filled design; Jon Mitovich on translating designs into reality; Steve Gutai on pumps; Bob Dews on hiding a stream’s headwaters.

May 2002 (Vol. 4, No. 5)

William Rowley & Scott Mackey on designing for varied needs; Rick Anderson on pond essentials; Pamela J. Pasotti on interactive waterplay; Ron Gibbons on ‘stellar’ fiberoptics.

June 2002 (Vol. 4, No. 6)

John J. Altorio on civic fountains; Steve Gutai on skimmers; Mike Heacox on the design/construction gap; Randy & Martha Beard on working with landscape architects.

July/August 2002 (Vol. 4, No. 7)

Clayton Varick on mountain-inspired waterfall design; G. Bruce Dunn on building quality into mid-range pools; and Mark Holden on completing a grand project.

September 2002 (Vol. 4, No. 8)

Janet Rosenberg & Glenn Herman on site-sensitive design; Bruce Riley on remodeling with artificial rock; Steve Gutai on filters; Suzanne & Ron Dirsmith on long-term design work.

October 2002 (Vol. 4, No. 9)

John Copley & Lynn Wolff on modernizing classic fountains; Paul L’Heureux on lighting water in motion; Lauchlin Bethune on imitating nature; David Tisherman on edgy colors.

November/December 2002 (Vol. 4, No. 10)

Mark Holden on the Villa d’Este; Skip Phillips on water in transit; Rick Anderson on Chinese gardens; William Hobbs on Maya Lin’s watershapes.

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