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2010 Editions (9)
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2010 Editions (9)

January 2010 (Vol. 12. No. 1)

Peter Cattano on doing right by modest projects; Steve Sandalis on edges and visual transitions; Jeff Freeman on water-treatment technologies; and Kerry Friedman on CityGarden, St. Louis’ newest downtown park.

February 2010 (Vol. 12, No. 2)

Douglas Cook on geothermal energy and applications; Kris Kesler on using computers in watershape fabrication; Paolo Benedetti on safer, saner equipment pad layouts; and David L’Heureux on brightening urban centers with water and light.

March 2010 (Vol. 12, No. 3)

Anthony Archer Wills on designing a grand pond/stream system; Colleen Holmes on transforming a property with plants, stone and water; and Joan Roca on designing with simple forms for a resort in Costa Rica.

April 2010 (Vol. 12, No. 4)

Anthony Archer Wills on keys to working at a grand scale; Paolo Benedetti on ancient Roman techniques for heating pools; Eric Herman on industrial water treatment; and Lynn Wolff & John Copley on Boston’s new waterfront parks.

May/June 2010 (Vol. 12, No. 5)

Skip Phillips on poured-in-place concrete forpool construction; Patrick Simmsgeiger with a maintenance expert’s perspective on pond design; Randy Dukes on a consensus approach to starting plaster pools; and Thomas Lopez on restoring the pool at Frank Lloyd Wright’s Taliesin West.

July/August 2010 (Vol. 12, No. 6)

Scott Cohen on designing outdoor kitchens; David Tisherman on finding the right photographer; Kevin Doud on working with fire features; and Kevin Ruddy on the process of designing indoor pools.

September/October 2010 (Vol. 12, No. 6)

Suzanne & Ron Dirsmith with an inside view of Chicago Botanic Garden; William Drakeley and Jeffrey Boucher on executing an intricately designed indoor pool; and Anthony Archer Wills on planning and installing a huge pond/stream project.

November 2010 (Vol. 12, No. 8)

Steven Peck & Damon van der Linde with a Commentary on watershaping and green roofs; Michael Percy on completing a spectacular, wall-to-wall project; William N. Rowley with an expert’s guide to building pools on high-rise rooftops; Tommy T. Cook on using giant leaf-castings as fountains; and James Garland, Tom Yankelitis and Ritesh Khetia on creating an open, shipboardstage for aquatic perfomances.

December 2010 (Vol. 12, No. 9)

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