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12 2 20DCimageIn a show of gratitude for those who have committed their resources and efforts to educating the industry, Watershape University recently staged a webinar focused entirely on thanking contributing individuals and organizations – and offering an exciting glimpse of the future.

wu logoProducing Watershape University's online courses may seem relatively simple and straightforward, but according to Brett Herman, WU’s director of digital engagement, there are many moving pieces and technologies that must be coordinated and smoothly implemented to bring presentations to fruition.

Watershape University will join NESPA for an online presentation of WU's Advanced Fluid Engineering program as part of 2021's "Virtual Pool & Spa Show." The emergence of this dynamic presentation is a true silver lining in a time of ongoing uncertainty – and opportunity.

wu logoAt a time when in-person events are few and far between, WU recently presented a dynamic presentation about the history of water in architecture at historic sites near Pittsburgh, Pa., taking students on a fascinating journey through time and space.

wu logoThe Wolfpack recently returned to in-person instruction with a successful essential builder program in September. WU is also continuing its robust online presence with courses that cover technology, design, business and architectural history.

Open waters banner logoThe Blue Mind concept popularized by author and marine biologist Wallace “J” Nichols manifests itself in a numerous ways -- and the message is spreading, as can be seen in a spectrum of online resources that echo and amplify the profundity of an aquatic lifestyle as well as a broader appreciation of science and the natural world.


Avoiding 'shadowing' in the shotcrete-placement process is crucial to the structural integrity of pool shells, notes Dave Peterson. Here, he shares a detail that dodges the void creation that can lead to structural compromises.


b_400_400_16777215_00_images_BTS_Logo_865x649.jpgWith this edition of WaterShapes, Dave Peterson introduces a new, ongoing series that will focus on plan schematics builders can use to improve, fine-tune and fortify their projects. He starts here with a simple way to eliminate visual insults to waterline tile and interior finishes.


 wu logoWatershape University is sensitive to the fact that our industry is facing unprecedented demand and an ongoing shortage of skilled labor, all during the current global pandemic. Add it all up and the ability to adapt has never been more crucial.

Case in point, we had scheduled a much-anticipated live presentation of ENG2311: Essential Fluid Engineering for

In a ground-breaking presentation, Watershape University's Essential Fluid Engineering Workshop spread out over two intensive days of online instruction -- and it may have been a first-ever event for the industry.

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Pool service can be complex and challenging, with the level of difficulty largely determined by decisions a builder makes long before a technician ever shows up. That's why Steve Kenny infuses his design and construction approaches with awareness of the basic needs of gourmet water.


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Editor's note: Welcome to 'Direct Connections,' a new department that is now part of the WaterShapes feature array. What you'll find here are videos and multi-media presentations on technical and business topics -- including this podcast by Dave Penton about a key factor in system engineering.  

wu logoAt Watershape University, our sponsors, which we call our Corporate Engagement Team (CET), is a critical part of our program development and the benefits we provide our students. We actively pursue relationships with industry-related businesses as a way to further our mission to bring quality education for students at all levels of the pool, spa and aquatics industries.