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hydrelfountainledartHydrel (Conyers, GA) produces the Model 4800 LED wet-niche fountain fixture in line or low-voltage formats. Smaller than most conventional systems, the units are available with round or square bezels and include arrays of nine-watt LEDs in stainless steel housings with cast bronze doors. They also feature clear, tempered, borosilicate lenses. For details, click here.




ftnpeoplefxprounderwaterledartFountain People (San Marcos, TX) has introduced the FXPro flush-mount LED light for underwater applications. Designed for niches that are poured flush with the floors or walls, the units work in fountain basins or on splash pads with foot traffic. Made completely of 316L stainless steel, the units provide bright light and are DMX programmable. For details, click here.




soluswaterbowlartSolus Décor (New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada) manufactures waterfeatures that combine clean-edged metal scuppers with the look of hand-cast concrete bowls. Available with 26-, 36- and 48-inch diameters, the bowls include central ports for water connections and are intended for applications over pools, ponds or small, hidden catch basins. For details, click here.



crystalfogartCrystal Fountains (Toronto, Ontario, Canada) manufactures NCF300, a sequencing fog jet designed for deck-level applications. The fog rises from the units to levels between two and ten feet, providing a mysterious background effect or easily animated by activating variable air and water solenoids to create puffs of fog and create a variety of visual effects. For details, click here.




cmpcopperscupperartCMP (Newnan, GA) now offers copper scuppers in a range of styles and configurations for use in pools, spas, water walls and other waterfeatures. Designed to provide bubbling, lively streams of water, the units have angled baffles that create glass-like sheeting effects. Each unit develops its own brown, blue or green patina, so every installation is unique. For details, click here.



campaniadelreyartCampania International (Pennsburg, PA) produces the Del Rey Fountain in cast stone. The product – 29 inches in diameter and 18.5 inches tall – is designed to bring the sound of moving water to any setting and is available in its natural appearance or with any of 13 pigment stains applied in a process that replicates the look of naturally aged materials. For details, click here.




waterodysseymushroomartWater Odyssey (San Marcos, TX) has released Mushroom Maze, a spray feature for splash pads that emits a crystal clear sheet of water spanning four to eight feet – a dome large enough for children to play inside. The stainless steel unit is three feet tall and has low-profile, rounded flanges that are easy on the feet and reduce toe-stubbing. For details, click here.




bluethumbwhitegrayftnart2Blue Thumb (Saginaw, MI) offers white-and-gray stone fountain kits. The three-column assemblies come in 18-, 24- and 30-inch heights, all 8-1/2 inches square and smooth on four sides. The kits include 48-inch fountain basins, 1,495 gallon-per-hour mag-drive pumps, flow-control valves, plumbing, tubing and polished black pebbles for the basins. For details, click here.



davidharberchaliceartDavid Harber Ltd. (Aston Upthorpe, Oxfordshire, England) offers Chalice, a mirror-polished, stainless steel fountain bowl. Water clings to the outer surface, creating the illusion of a hemisphere slowly revolving on its axis. Available in four diameters from 30 to 60 inches, the bowls can be stacked as a waterfeature and illuminated for nighttime use. For details, click here.



airolaternuwaveartAir-O-Lator (Grandview, MO) has added the Nu-Wave decorative floating fountain system to its product line. Designed for applications in which electrical power entering the water is prohibited or undesired, the device’s transfer pump pulls water out of the pond to dry land before pumping it back to the fountain and a variety of available spray nozzles. For details, click here.




ulrichlotusartUlrich Pakker Studios (Seattle, WA) makes Drunken Lotus fountains for commercial and residential applications. Featuring natural shapes, movement and lighting, the design sends clear streams of water arcing through the air and includes a base/reservoir that can be buried or surface-mounted and has a float-level valve to keep the pump from running dry. For details, click here.




ftnpeopleftninacanupdateartFountain People (San Marcos, TX) has added new features to its Fountain-in-a-Can series. The FIAC-1000 features a flush-mount, multi-pattern spray system; a 360-degree, low-voltage LED light fixture; an internal throttling valve; and an ADA-compliant grate – all designed for use with plaza-style waterfeatures as well as interactive splash pads. For details, click here.




easyproviantiartEasyPro Pond Products (Grant, MI) offers Vianti Falls Kits – everything needed to turn a block wall into a waterfeature. Designed for use on decks and patios or indoors, the systems include stainless steel spillways (23 or 35 inches wide) with baffles that create a sheet of water that falls to a half-circle basin. Optional blue or white LED lighting is available. For details, click here.