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bradfordwaterfallBradford Products (Leland, NC) offers its Bradford FX line of sheeting waterfalls. The units create continuous, unbroken sheets of water that cascade into a surrounding basin or pool and come in two formats – either fully enclosed and pressure driven or set up as a simple overflow system in which water fills an open trough before cascading. For details, click here.




11 4 20prdouctimagesDeltaDelta Fountains (Jacksonville, FL) manufacturers Geyser Nozzles designed to produce highly aerated water columns of water. The water-level dependent nozzles can be used in ponds, pools, basins, and sumps to reach heights from a small bubble on the water’s surface to 30-foot geysers. For details, click here.

12 25 20productimageFPcroppedFountain People (San Marcos, Tex.) offers the LOTUS bronze escutcheon, a wall-mounted fitting featuring a dark-bronze finish and decorative hand-burnished details. The fixture is designed for use as a cover plate for a hidden fountain nozzle or can be wall or deck mounted. For details click here.



aalivingwatersartA&A Manufacturing (Phoenix, AZ) produces LivingWaters fixtures that use six custom-configured jets to bring continuous, ever-changing dancing-water effects to pools, spas and other waterfeatures. The height-adjustable nozzles can retract flush with a watershape’s floor when not in use and can also be installed as stand-alone enhancements for backyards. For details, click here.



2 8 21productimagehaywardbubblercroppedHayward Pool Products (Berkeley Heights. N.J.) makes the ColorLogic Bubbler, which creates a cascading, color-changing column of water that enhances backyard ambiance. The unit synchronizes with the company’s ColorLogic or CrystaLogic 320 and 160 lighting control systems for a wide variety of options, with a small footprint and flush-mounted design. For details, click here.


7 3ftnpeopleartFountain People (San Marcos, TX) has upgraded its familiar Fountain-in-a-Can (FIAC) product line with a new, manual Integral Throttling Valve that allows a fountain’s water height to be adjusted from the top-plate without ever having to enter the fixture: On-site adjustments are now fast and easy using a wrench at the surface of the fountain. For details, click here.




6 5carvedstoneartCarved Stone Creations (Kaukauna, Wis.) offers a line of carved stone fountains that take their design cues from modern art. Setting aside common classicism, the units take forms that complement modern or minimalist architecture with columns, broad bowls, shapely pedestals, granite spheres and a variety of other curving and linear forms. For details, click here.




ftnpeoplezenartFountain People (San Marcos, TX) has introduced its Zen Series line of fountain nozzles for use in zero-entry fountain systems as well as application with beach-entry pools. The flush-mounted nozzles, which can operate in as little as three to six inches of water, are capable of producing solid streams that create dynamic water-column effects. For details, click here.



waterodysseysplashpadartWater Odyssey (San Marcos, TX) now offers pre-designed spray park systems to bring fun and water play to parks, recreation centers and other facilities. The pads incorporate popular splash pad features into pre-plumbed systems that make installations fast and easy, and the company offers design services to help integrate spray parks into projects. For details, click here.



5-1aquascapeftnkitart2Aquascape (St. Charles, IL) manufactures landscape fountain kits that come with all the necessary components to install a recirculating waterfeature in rapid order. A sub-surface basin contains the water, which is pumped upward through the fountain to create a simple, animated display. Possibilities include urns, basalt columns and pagoda rocks. For details, click here




5 1pentairmagicstreamartPentair (Sanford, SC) produces MagicStream Laminars that add dramatic sights and soothing sounds to any watershape environment with LED-illuminated streams that reach up to seven feet high and project outward up to eight feet at adjustable angles. The laminars come fully assembled and ready to install and are designed for easy service. For details, click here.




hydrelfountainledartHydrel (Conyers, GA) produces the Model 4800 LED wet-niche fountain fixture in line or low-voltage formats. Smaller than most conventional systems, the units are available with round or square bezels and include arrays of nine-watt LEDs in stainless steel housings with cast bronze doors. They also feature clear, tempered, borosilicate lenses. For details, click here.




ftnpeoplefxprounderwaterledartFountain People (San Marcos, TX) has introduced the FXPro flush-mount LED light for underwater applications. Designed for niches that are poured flush with the floors or walls, the units work in fountain basins or on splash pads with foot traffic. Made completely of 316L stainless steel, the units provide bright light and are DMX programmable. For details, click here.