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easypro tranquil artEasyPro Pond Products (Grant, MI) makes the Tranquil Décor line of magnetic-drive pumps for small fountains and waterfeatures. The submersible, easy-to-service units are available in six models with outputs ranging from 85 to 1,000 gallons per hour and feature adjustable flow controls. All electrical components are encapsulated in epoxy for safety. For details, click here.





ftn supp skid artFountain Supply Co. (Santa Clarita, CA) puts together high-performance pump skids for use with decorative fountains. Heavy-duty components on the skids’ stainless steel bases include all-bronze pumps, stainless steel cartridge filters, PVC-housed chlorinators, red brass piping and bronze valves – all tailored to required outputs, pressure levels and layout. For details, click here.




hayward laminar artHayward Pool Products (Elizabeth, NJ) now offers ColorLogic Laminars, jets that sends clear, glass-like rods of arcing water from deck to pool. When matched with the company’s lighting system, the units feature 10 solid colors or seven color-changing light shows. They also have a height adjustment mechanism for perfect deck-level alignment. For details, click here.




ftn people watergush artFountain People (San Marcos, TX) has unveiled WaterGush, an all-in-one fountain system that integrates a variable-speed pump, an LED light and solid-stream nozzle into a self-contained deck jet. The modular units can be controlled with smartphones and are designed to reduce costs and down-time while also minimizing installation and operating costs. For details, click here.




water tech fx 2 artWater Tech (East Brunswick, NJ) makes the Volt FX-2, a vacuum system for use in cleaning fountains and waterfeatures as well as pools and spas.  The battery-powered unit attaches to a standard telescopic pole and is ideal for spot cleaning.  It comes with a reusable all-purpose filter bag and optional microfilter bags for capturing all types of debris. For details, click here.




Focus SL 11 artFocus Industries (Lake Forest, CA) now offers the Model SL-11-LEDM submersible lighting fixture.  Made with a cast-brass body, the unit has a clear, tempered-glass lens and is available with a 7-, 11- or 15-watt LED module with a 12-volt driver on board.  It can be used as a 15-degree spot, a 40- or 60-degree flood or a 160-degree wide flood.  For details, click here




campania avignon artCampania International (Pennsburg, PA) manufactures Avignon Fountain Kits, packages that include cast-stone fountain components as well as a pump and all required plumbing components, including hose clamps that double as flow restrictors.  They are available in 12 patinas, from Aged Limestone or Brownstone to Copper Bronze or Travertine.  For details, click here.





aquamaster celestial artAquaMaster (Kiel, WI) manufactures the Celestial Fountain line.  Featuring multiple, interchangeable spray patterns, the units are designed for simple assembly and installation at minimum operating depths of four feet.  They feature all-stainless steel power supplies for strength and corrosion resistance as well as energy-efficient, oil-cooled motors.  For details, click here.




crystal wdk100 artCrystal Fountains (Toronto, Ontario, Canada) has introduced the WDK100 Deck-Jet Kit, a directionally adjustable, flush-mounted nozzle system with the flexibility to meet a range of design needs for pool decks and water-play areas. Made of cast bronze and brass, the units’ faceplate can be removed for nozzle alignment or cleaning by using a security key. For details, click here.




blue thumb copper tree artBlue Thumb Distributing (Saginaw, MI) offers Copper Tree Fountains for residential installations.  Depending on the model, each compact, hand-crafted, one-of-a-kind tree fits in a space up to 48 by 48 inches, providing an easy-to-maintain, energy-efficient focal point for either a front or backyard space without taking up much valuable room.  For details, click here.





blue thumb ripples art

Thumb Distributing (Saginaw, MI) has acquired the LiquidArt line of pondless fountains, including the Round Ripples Pottery Fountain. Handcrafted by clay artisans, the units are 36 inches in diameter and come with 70-gallon water reservoirs as complete, ready-to-install packages. They’re available in two colors – sky blue or oil green. For details, click here.






aquascape basalt column artAquascape (St. Charles, IL) now packages sets of three Mongolian basalt columns in complete fountain kits. The easy-to-install systems include 24-, 30- and 36-inch-tall basalt columns; a subsurface water basin with a 98-gallon capacity to minimize maintenance and refilling; an energy-efficient pump; and all required pipes, sealant and fittings. For details, click here.









crystal spectraLED artCrystal Fountains (Toronto, Ontario, Canada) has introduced the Spectra Series LED Linear Light for wet or dry applications.  The four-inch-wide, low-profile, easy-to-maintain units feature RGBACL lighting technology, which produces light from the purest white to infinite color shades and tones with great precision – and simplified programming.  For details, click here.






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