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RicoRockgrottoRicoRock (Orlando, FL) has introduced a new system for installing grottos and small caves on pools that uses lightweight boulder columns with a “sandwich-type” grotto lid that allows for custom designing without intensive labor: Prescribed areas are backfilled on site with concrete for maximum structural strength to reduce both installation time and costs. For details, click here.



HaywardDSC4554Hayward Pool Products (Berkeley Heights, NJ) solves installation challenges with its BFA series of bulkhead fittings and tank adapters. Designed for applications that require varying shaft lengths, the fittings are pressure rated at 150 psi, feature a long pattern/barrel designs and come with a PVC body and nut as well as FPM or EPDM gasket seals. For details, click here.



6 5poolspaenclosureartPool & Spa Enclosures (Monroe Township, N.J.) offers a full line of pool, spa, and patio enclosures. Available globally, the systems are durable and timelessly styled and serve to extend the swim season, reduce maintenance, increase heating efficiency, reduce evaporation and even eliminate the need for seasonal closings in cooler-climate regions. For details, click here.


5 1twinscapesartTwinscape North America (Campbell, CA) produces Hydrofloors, moveable-floor watershape systems made of stainless steel beams and plates. Units can be built to almost any required size and are engineered for reliable and easy operation with cable-and-pulley system and water-based hydraulic cylinders that move the floor to desired depths. For details, click here.




pacificformlinerartPacific Concrete Images (Rancho Santa Margarita, CA) has introduced Formliner. Used in fabricating poured-in-place pool copings, wall caps, stairs and countertops, the reusable forms are made of both flexible polyethylene foam and rigid polystyrene foam in 16 standard profiles with matching finishing tools. Custom profiles are also available. For details, click here.



deckosealonestepartDeck-O-Seal (Hampshire, IL) makes Deck-O-Seal One Step for caulking joints in structures that are subject to movement due to changes in temperature. The non-sag, single-component, polysulfide-based sealing compound is made for use above the waterline in watershapes where tile meets coping and provides a permanent, weather-proof seal. For details, click here.



apcundertrackartAutomatic Pool Covers (Westfield, IN) has improved the under-track system for its AutoGuard safety covers. Designed to be as visually unobtrusive as possible, the units have a concealed track that attaches to a pool wall or fits into a track retainer. The system works on pools of all shapes and sizes – even freeform designs – without affecting aesthetics. For details, click here.



technideazipartTechnidea Corp. (Escondido, CA) manufactures the ZipLevel Pro-2000, a digital altimeter and leveling system for use in setting elevations and levels for watershape and other construction projects. The unit operates without rods, tripods or sensors and avoids issues with lines of sight or calibration. The base unit includes a clear digital readout. For details, click here.



jandylevolorartJandy Pool Systems (Carlsbad, CA) manufactures the Levolor K-2300, an electronic autofill device that maintains water levels in two bodies of water with separate equipment sets. Designed to compensates for waves, the units feature lock‐out systems that prevent overfilling and ensure reliability by having no moving parts that can break or rust. For details, click here.




cmp20inchdrainartCMP (Newnan, GA) has introduced 20-inch-diameter unblockable ring drains. Designed for VGB compliance, the high-flow units are available in white, gray, black, dark gray, tan or dark blue to blend into popular finishes, and the pipe connections (single or dual ports) are on the ring’s edge, so the interior circle is easily filled with plaster, pebbles or tile. For details, click here.



aquatictechaquaguardartAquatic Technologies Group (Stuart, FL) makes AquaGuard 5000, an epoxy coating designed for restoring the interior surfaces of swimming pools and spas. Stronger than plaster and easier to apply, the durable, nonporous material has its own structural integrity regardless of the substrate and keeps its color while resisting resists stains and algae. For details, click here.




ramuca2artRamuc Pool & Deck Paint (Rockaway, NJ) has updated its A2 synthetic rubber-based coating. Designed to restore and upgrade previously painted pool surfaces as well as bare concrete, marcite or plaster, the VOC-compliant, high-gloss, easy-to-apply material also works on ponds and fountains and offers excellent hiding, coverage and protection. For details, click here.




haywardwgoutletartHayward Pool Products (Elizabeth, NJ) manufactures the WG Series of VGB-compliant square drain covers for residential and commercial pool applications. Available in a wide range of sizes and flow designs and designed for use on concrete pools for new construction or renovations, the low-velocity units limit flow to 1.5 feet per second. For details, click here.