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12 25 20productimagedeckdraincroppedAquamasters USA (Cockeysville, Md.) offers the Flowmaster 3-inch Commercial Drain System, a removable-top, deck drain that features a double-wall base and a snap-in top. Because the drain tops are removable, this drain is easy to clean and the tops can be replaced if damaged. For details, click here.


oasewaterfallpumpartOase (Corona, CA) offers quiet, energy-efficient waterfall pumps for pond systems. Designed for reliability, the units clear debris in a way that keeps their shafts and bearings clean and also have grounding plates for pond safety. They’re made for cool running as well and feature quick, no-tool access to all moving parts for easy maintenance. For details, click here.




aquascapefishcaveartAquascape (St. Charles, IL) manufactures faux-log fish caves as heavy-duty, natural-looking shelters that protect pond fish from predators – including herons. Designed for use in new or existing ponds as a decorative accent that doesn’t need to be hidden by rocks, the units are made from poly-resin and are 19 inches long, 12 inches wide and ten inches tall. For details, click here.




awglightbarartAtlantic Water Gardens (Auroraa, OH) now offers the Model WWBL5 Bar Light, a linear LED unit designed to wash rock walls, waterfalls and spillways with a wide-angle stream of light. Made of solid brass with dual bases for positioning on any horizontal surface, the bar rotates by up to 30 degrees in either direction to set the optimum lighting angle. For details, click here.



aquauvviperartAqua Ultraviolet (Temecula, CA) makes Viper UV sterilizers for chemical-free water disinfection of commercial or residential ponds, aquariums and waterfeatures. Reliable, cost-effective and environmentally friendly, the compact units come in three models in both plastic and stainless steel for systems ranging from 14,000 to 90,000 gallons. For details, click here.




airolatorsolarartAir-O-Lator (Grandview, MO) is now partnering with Franklin Electric (Fort Wayne, IN) in harnessing sunshine to power its aerators, de-icers and fountains. Using a DC to AC converter to enable solar energy to drive conventional pumps, the new systems are made for situations where utility costs are high or direct access to power supplies is limited. For details, click here.




bluethumbelitekitartBlue Thumb (Saginaw, MI) assembles the Elite X-Large 40″ Cascading Falls Kit for pond-less waterfalls. The package includes a spillway box, a vault/reservoir, a rubber liner, a protective underlayment, a pump and all required plumbing and connections. There’s also an installation kit as well as a start-up kit to get water conditions under quick control. For details, click here.




airolatorgulfstreamartAir-O-Lator (Kansas City, MO) has extended its Font’N-Aire line with Gulf Stream, a submersible fountain/aerating system designed for shallow pools and ponds. The nozzles rise above the water (which must be at least a foot deep) to create decorative displays in a variety of available spray patterns that can be adjusted to reach a range of heights. For details, click here.



oaseaeratorartOase (Coronoa, CA) has introduced the AquaOxy Set 240, a quiet, energy-efficient air-injector pump that safely increases oxygen levels in ponds containing up to 2,113 gallons. The lightweight unit has two air outlets, a long hose for easy placement and weighted air stones to ensure a uniform, high-volume dissipation of oxygen into the water. For details, click here.



easyprofilterblowerartEasyPro Pond Products (Grant, MI) makes the PBF90BL filter systems for fish-containing ponds of up to 9,000-gallon capacity. The easily assembled, easily installed fiberglass-reinforced units feature two-inch inlet/outlet lines as well as seven-position controls and are available with an optional media-agitating blower for faster backwashing. For details, click here.





oasescreenmaticartOase (Corona, CA) offers the BioTec ScreenMatic2, a flow-through filter designed for use on koi ponds and other biological systems with capacities from 4,500 to 38,000 gallons. The multi-zone unit has automatic debris separation via a self-cleaning screen, a double-sealed motor, a large sludge basket, foam filter pads and an optimized water-level control. For details, click here.




fx lumin lp artFX Luminaire (San Diego, CA) produces Model LP, the company’s smallest submersible LED lighting fixture. Designed for compact spaces, the low-voltage fixtures are made of die-cast natural brass for durability, include support bases and come with three color filters as well as a range of available lead lengths. They also have tamper-resisting features. For details, click here.




aquascape filter urn artAquascape (St. Charles, IL) has unveiled Pond Filter Urns to provide efficient mechanical and biological filtration for smaller ponds – including preformed ponds or container-based watergardens. The decorative filter housing can easily be integrated into almost any setting, adding the sight and sound of trickling water to ponds without waterfalls or streams.  For details, click here.