Other Watershape Systems/Equipment

Water Tech Introduces Precision V10 Cordless, Hoseless Cleaner
Water Tech Corp has announced its Water Tech Precision V10—an enhanced version of Water Tech’s popular Precision 2.0 Pool Cleaner. According to the manufacturer, the cleaner provides a convenient, high-power cordless and hose–free cleaning that pool professionals can rely on, with enhanced features to improve the speed and quality of pool cleaning. The Precision V10 now offers a Shallow Water Adapter attachment, enabling it to better clean shallow areas like steps and sun shelves.  Learn more here.
Riding the Wellness Wave
As the desire for a healthy lifestyle increases – while at the same time our population ages – the demand for wellness facilities, products and services looks to dramatically expand in coming years. David J. Peterson believes this powerful global macro-trend spells opportunity. ...
Achieving Realism: Finishing Techniques for Cast-Concrete Rocks
It’s true that some artificial rock installations are not convincing. In an effort to solve those disconnects, today’s cast-concrete rock panel systems are taken from natural stone. When installed and finished correctly, rock panels can look like the real thing. ...
Structure Studios Software Update
Structure Studios has updated its 3D-design software with new tools and assets aimed at  transforming the experience of designing outdoor living spaces for clients. Upgrades include an intuitive faster real-time 3D gizmo, new Smart Snaps, a reimagined Camera, expanded design tools, and 1400 new assets overall. The update is available now for Vip3D, Pool Studio, and VizTerra. ...
Poolside by CGT offers ‘Butterfly Effect’ Pool Liner
Poolside by CGT offers a stone mosaic liner design with sparkling color to make pool water shimmer. Created to help pool professionals stand out from their competition with a unique design that matches the latest deck and coping treatments, Butterfly Effect is printed on the company’s eclipse grey pool liner material and is enhanced with Poolside’s exclusive aquashimmer feature that gives the design a dramatic and fiery effect.
Bradford Makes the 770 Stainless Steel Hot Tub
Bradford offers a modern hot tub with open concept seating, stainless steel performance, and seating for four to six adults. Part of the companies line of signature spas, the 770 offers this and much more in a space-saving seven-by-seven foot spa design.
Aquascape’s Pondless Waterfall Kits
Aquascape offers its Small Pondless Waterfall Kit, which can be built in a day and is the ideal option for DIY consumers or builders with space and municipality restrictions. This kit includes a wireless adjustable pump that circulates the water from the in-ground reservoir to the waterfall spillway diffuser. It also includes the Automatic Water Treatment Dosing System for Fountains with water treatment, to ensure optimum water conditions and reduce maintenance.
Dog Fountains from Murdock Manufacturing
Murdock Manufacturing (City of Industry, CA) produces round, stainless steel dog water fountains. The fountains feature a side-mounted, foot-activated push button, and the non-squirt bubbler to ensure pets get the hydration they need. The base unit and bowl is constructed of durable corrosion- and scratch-resistant stainless steel. Available finishes include satin stainless steel and green, red, or blue powdercoat. Custom color finishes are available upon request. Read more.
Natural Currents Offers Solar-Powered Pumps
Natural Currents (Dana Point, CA) manufacturers sun-powered high-speed pumps. Efficient water flow is prioritized to maintain strong water circulation, effective filtration and reliable water quality. The company’s line of SunRay pumps offer a zero-utility energy-based solution that exceeds all new energy laws and regulations, the company says.   Read More
Forever Bamboo Offers Sealant Product Line
Forever Bamboo (San Diego, CA) makes a family of bamboo sealants and stains to protect and add color to bamboo structures including fences, poles, slates and borders, It can contain oils and pigments, depending on the individual product's purpose. When you use a stain or sealant, you apply it to bamboo like you would paint. This application results in a more vibrant, glossy and durable structure. Sealant also adds waterproofing and extends the life of bamboo structures. Learn more here.