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2022 Editions (January-June)

WaterShapes — June 30th, 2022 — Erie Canal History, National Parks, Shaping a Nation

WaterShapes — June 9th, 2022 — Lifeguard Crisis, a Costa Rican Classic, and Extracting Water from Air

WaterShapes — June 2nd, 2022 — Custom Sunset Dazzle, Plaster Start Ups, Urban Forests, and more.

WaterShapes — May 26th, 2022 — Cave Construction, An Odd Fountain, and more.

WaterShapes — May 5th, 2022 — Understanding Today’s Pool Buyers, Versatile Basin Detail, Borate Chemistry, and more.

Watershapes — May 12th, 2022 — Renovating with Liners, Discovering Geothermal, and Italy’s Oldest Indulgence

WaterShapes — April 28th, 2022 — Bathhouses on the Rise, the Power of Possibility, and the History of pH

WaterShapes — April 14th, 2022 – A pool for Robust Exercise, the Power of Showers, a Pool Hydrant Detail, and more.

WaterShapes — April 7th, 2022 — The Watery Breath of Sand Dunes, A Classic Tisherman Design Weave, and more.

WaterShapes — March 31st, 2022 — An Aquarium Saves a City, A Big Fountain, and Working with Turnover Calculations.

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