Landscape & Hardscape Materials/Equipment

Forever Bamboo Synthesizes Mexican Umbrellas
Forever Bamboo’s Viroumbrella synthetic Mexican rain cape is a cost effective and eco-friendly alternative to natural thatch umbrella covers, the company says. Each Viroumbrella cover comes with a five-year limited warranty and is constructed to imitate the same hand-woven pattern as natural Mexican palm thatch umbrella covers. These rain capes are made of high-density polyethylene that is 100% recyclable and maintenance free.
Aquascape’s Pondless Waterfall Kits
Aquascape offers its Small Pondless Waterfall Kit, which can be built in a day and is the ideal option for DIY consumers or builders with space and municipality restrictions. This kit includes a wireless adjustable pump that circulates the water from the in-ground reservoir to the waterfall spillway diffuser. It also includes the Automatic Water Treatment Dosing System for Fountains with water treatment, to ensure optimum water conditions and reduce maintenance.
Pebble Tec Introduces Artisan Planter Line
Pebble Technology International (Scottsdale, AZ) has introduced Artisan Cast Stone Patio Planters. The planters are made of Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC), providing industry leading PSI strength, the company says. They feature natural pigments to provide organic and enduring color that is integrated throughout the cast stone. A penetrating sealer gives extra protection from the elements and enhances the richness of color. Read more
Ametco Manufacturing Co. Makes Fence and Gate Systems
Amecto Manufacturing Co. (Willoughby, OH) manufacturers a wide range of architectural fence and gate systems, as well as railings, sunshades, grilles, screens, louvers and perforated metal products for the commercial, industrial, institutional and retail building and construction markets. The company’s products are available in steel, stainless steel and aluminum. Read More
Herwig Vintage Lighting Fixtures
Herwig Lighting (Pottsville, AR) manufactures cast aluminum reproductions of ornamental, antique and vintage style outdoor lighting fixtures. The company’s reproductions include lanterns, brackets, pendants, street clocks, street signs and park benches. Designs are inspired by fixtures from different time periods and design traditions including Victorian, Colonial, Gothic, Arts & Crafts, and Art Deco. Read More
Forever Bamboo Offers Sealant Product Line
Forever Bamboo (San Diego, CA) makes a family of bamboo sealants and stains to protect and add color to bamboo structures including fences, poles, slates and borders, It can contain oils and pigments, depending on the individual product's purpose. When you use a stain or sealant, you apply it to bamboo like you would paint. This application results in a more vibrant, glossy and durable structure. Sealant also adds waterproofing and extends the life of bamboo structures. Learn more here.
Millboard Decking Produces Hybrid Decking Products
Millboard Decking (St. Paul, MN) makes decking and siding products that feature a strong polymer core, providing structure while also resisting the elements. The material requires minimal maintenance and is slip resistant. The boards won’t warp or rot from moisture decay, algae or harbor insects, the company says, combining the beauty of real wood with the high performance of a hybrid of polyurethane. ...
Floating Water Domes from Solus
Solus (New Westminster, BC) offers the Water Dome. These water bowls feature polished metal domes that appear to float inside a concrete vessels. Water flows up through the center of each dome to run over the reflective surface of the hand-spun metal and then drops off the edges into the surrounding water creating sound. Each metal dome is handmade and unique. Learn more here. ...
Archasol Offers Lighted Umbrellas
Archasol (Chevy Chase, MD) makes the Kasa solar-powered umbrella, designed to extend outdoor dining time after sunset without the need for any separate power supply or trailing electrical cords. Flexible PV cells attached to the polyester fabric. The umbrella provides up to 10 hours of continuous nighttime illumination from LED strip lights positioned along the ribs. Learn more here. ...
Outdoor Structures by Atlantic Outdoors
Atlantic Outdoors offers Pergolas, Pavilions and Gazebos in many different styles, in wood, vinyl or heavy timber-frame models. Size profiles are customizable – ranging from 8’x10’ to 16’x16’. Gazebos are available as octagons, ovals and rectangles. All structures offer the choice of roof color, roof materials and stain/vinyl color. For more information click here.