Poolside by CGT offers ‘Butterfly Effect’ Pool Liner
Poolside by CGT offers a stone mosaic liner design with sparkling color to make pool water shimmer. Created to help pool professionals stand out from their competition with a unique design that matches the latest deck and coping treatments, Butterfly Effect is printed on the company’s eclipse grey pool liner material and is enhanced with Poolside’s exclusive aquashimmer feature that gives the design a dramatic and fiery effect.
Bradford Makes the 770 Stainless Steel Hot Tub
Bradford offers a modern hot tub with open concept seating, stainless steel performance, and seating for four to six adults. Part of the companies line of signature spas, the 770 offers this and much more in a space-saving seven-by-seven foot spa design.
Forever Bamboo Synthesizes Mexican Umbrellas
Forever Bamboo’s Viroumbrella synthetic Mexican rain cape is a cost effective and eco-friendly alternative to natural thatch umbrella covers, the company says. Each Viroumbrella cover comes with a five-year limited warranty and is constructed to imitate the same hand-woven pattern as natural Mexican palm thatch umbrella covers. These rain capes are made of high-density polyethylene that is 100% recyclable and maintenance free.
Fountain People Provide LED Color-Changing Fixture
Fountain People are proud to offer the FXPRO Series LED color-changing light fixture, designed and made for the illumination of fountain and splash pad spray effects, underwater, wet or dry. It features on-board DMX control and is manufactured from cast 316L stainless steel. It includes (9) LED RGBW (4000K White) color changing light diodes, adjustable stainless steel yoke assembly, tempered glass lens with silicone gasket and 20 feet of 18/5 submersible cable.
Rebar Benders by VEVOR
VEVAR benders deliver 6-7S ultra-fast bending speed: This electric rebar bender helps save valuable person-hours by bending rebar 1/4'' #2 to 1" #8 Grade 60(6 to 25 mm) within 6 to 7 seconds. Bending Angle: 0-180°, Bending Radius: 1.57'' / 40 mm, Max. Rebar Hardness: HRC30. This hydraulic bending machine features a 1700W pure copper motor, which can run quietly with low noise and significantly improve your working efficiency, reducing unnecessary wear.
Aquascape’s Pondless Waterfall Kits
Aquascape offers its Small Pondless Waterfall Kit, which can be built in a day and is the ideal option for DIY consumers or builders with space and municipality restrictions. This kit includes a wireless adjustable pump that circulates the water from the in-ground reservoir to the waterfall spillway diffuser. It also includes the Automatic Water Treatment Dosing System for Fountains with water treatment, to ensure optimum water conditions and reduce maintenance.
Pool Algae Prevention
Algae are a class of organisms that are essential to life on earth. In a swimming pool, however, they become an affliction that compromises water quality and consumes chemicals. According to Haviland’s Kevin Vlietstra, although there’s an inevitable quality to algae, prevention is always the best treatment option.    ...
RENOLIT Offers New Stone-Like Membrane
RENOLIT (LaPorte, IN) now offers a new PVC interior finish called ‘ALKORPLAN TOUCH-Prestige,’ which gives both residential pools and commercial aquatic facilities a high-end, designer look to match the latest in outdoor décor. This new, textured, reinforced PVC membrane is inspired by natural elements and imitates the look and feel of volcanic stone by using deep grey tones and hues that give the material the realistic appearance of a volcanic rock. Read more
Pebble Tec Introduces Artisan Planter Line
Pebble Technology International (Scottsdale, AZ) has introduced Artisan Cast Stone Patio Planters. The planters are made of Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC), providing industry leading PSI strength, the company says. They feature natural pigments to provide organic and enduring color that is integrated throughout the cast stone. A penetrating sealer gives extra protection from the elements and enhances the richness of color. Read more
Stain Drop Introduces Improved Stain-Removal Product
Stain Drop (Grand Rapids, MI) has introduced its new and Improved Stain Drop No. 2, a specialty acid-based treatment designed to eradicate scale from pool surfaces. Treatments often are quick but can take up to ten days.  Stain Drop No. 2 is formulated to be a better alternative to the time needed to prepare the pool for extensive brushing by hand, the company says.      Read more