Water Tech Introduces Precision V10 Cordless, Hoseless Cleaner
Water Tech Corp has announced its Water Tech Precision V10—an enhanced version of Water Tech’s popular Precision 2.0 Pool Cleaner. According to the manufacturer, the cleaner provides a convenient, high-power cordless and hose–free cleaning that pool professionals can rely on, with enhanced features to improve the speed and quality of pool cleaning. The Precision V10 now offers a Shallow Water Adapter attachment, enabling it to better clean shallow areas like steps and sun shelves.  Learn more here.
CCEI offers 24V Light Safety Transformer
CCEI-Pool USA is pleased to offer a 24V-DC Transformer that is designed to safely power pool and spa lights. The transformer allows the direct connection to underwater pool and spa lights and has two compartments keeping the primary and secondary light connections independent to ensure a safe installation. The transformer is equipped with an ON/OFF switch and offers a re-settable circuit breaker to protect the transformer and lights in case of overload.  Equipped with quick connectors for easy electrical installation. Learn more here.
Concrete Sealer from V-Seal
V-Seal offers V-Seal 101 Concrete Sealer, a multi-surface penetrating sealer designed for use on all porous masonry substrates and new concrete. According to the manufacturer the product Increases surface strength, repels moisture, salts and oils, and can be used on existing concrete or new construction as a driveway, pool deck or sidewalk sealant. Learn more here.
RENOLIT Makes Vogue Collection
RENOLIT offers its VOGUE Collection of four reinforced membrane designs that are printed with a unique relief and texture that provides a refined interior finish for waterproofing pools. Made of 80-mil thick, commercial grade, reinforced PVC with Class C slip resistant properties, these four designs offer a commercial grade color selection and texture that makes them ideal for both new pool construction or for renovating leaking or deteriorated pools.  Learn more here.
Kingsley Bate Offers Sag Harbor Wicker Seating Ensemble
Kingsley Bate offers the Sag Harbor wicker seating ensemble Inspired by the relaxed style of the Hamptons. The set is hand woven in a premium, extra-large fiber, making it sturdier and more substantial than standard outdoor wicker furniture, the company says. The fiber’s variegated tones create a natural appearance that pairs well with an assortment of Kingsley Bate teak tables. Learn more here.
Pentair’s Lube-Free Valves
Pentair offers lube-free valves with excellent flow characteristics, manufactured to strict quality standards and never require lubrication. Constructed of durable CPVC or PVC, they include a PTFE coated diverter seal, are chemical resistant and withstand up to 150 psi, among many other features. When paired with valve actuators, they're the perfect solution for fully automated operation, the company says. Learn more here.
Riding the Wellness Wave
As the desire for a healthy lifestyle increases – while at the same time our population ages – the demand for wellness facilities, products and services looks to dramatically expand in coming years. David J. Peterson believes this powerful global macro-trend spells opportunity. ...
Rebirthing a Community Asset
In an era when many public pools have fallen into decay and ceased to exist, the City of Globe, AZ, had a different fate in mind for its community pool. With assists from a top-flight project team, the community undertook an expansive pool renovation project featuring an updated design and functionality.  ...
Water Odyssey Introduces Massive Splash
Water Odyssey has introduced Massive Splash, an innovative, modular splash play feature designed for maximum patron inclusivity. The modern, architectural look draws attention with a constant motion of water buckets as multiple spray effects reduce user wait times and keep kids engaged. Water sprays from the uprights provide constant cooling, water chasing and a safer play experience. The modular design can be configured to fit most splash pads. Lear more here.
Achieving Realism: Finishing Techniques for Cast-Concrete Rocks
It’s true that some artificial rock installations are not convincing. In an effort to solve those disconnects, today’s cast-concrete rock panel systems are taken from natural stone. When installed and finished correctly, rock panels can look like the real thing. ...