AquaStar Introduces New Unblockable Drain Cover
AquaStar Pool Products (Ventura, CA) has introduced the Perfect Circle drain, an unblockable drain option designed for use in concrete pools and spas. It has four ports which gives designers the ability to use multiple pumps and a hydrostatic relief valve with this one single unblockable drain cover.  The unique open center design allows the cover to blend seamlessly into the pool or spa finish. Read more.
Mistcooling Offers Pool Cooler
Mistcooling (Houston, TX) makes Pool Cooler, a simple fixtures designed to decrease pool water temperatures up to 10 degrees. It's easy to install, made in the USA, and operates without additional electricity, a cost-effective method of cooling a swimming pool compared to pool chillers, the company says.  It does not require any Freon or gas to operate, and attaches to a pool return jet fitting. Read more.
Hayneedle Makes Hanging Dream Chair
Hayneedle (Omaha, NE) makes the Vivere Polyester Original Hanging Dream Chair. It features a powder-coated steel frame and weather-resistant poly spun polyester seat material in a choice of colors, a built-in 46-inch canopy and two inches of foam for poolside comfort and lounging and features a sturdy design and outdoor durability. Read more
Liner Visualizer Introduced by CGT
Poolside by CGT (Cambridge, ON) has announced a new tool for visualizing pool liner patterns including the ability to select various popular deck options to visualize the pool’s final look and feel.  The program allows users to select from either a freeform or rectangular pool shape, then simply choose a liner design from the Poolside by CGT liner collection and choose a surrounding deck surface.  Read more
Jandy’s TruDose Chemical Controller
Fluidra (Carlsbad, CA) introduces the Jandy TruDose Chemical Controller, engineered to automatically keep pool water consistently balanced. Using advanced pH and ORP sensing technologies, the system constantly monitors levels as water flows through the pool’s plumbing. Tailored to work with the Jandy AquaPure salt chlorinator, TruDose also senses when ORP is low and activates the salt chlorinator in response. Read more
A&A Offers Water Actuated Valve
Pentair/A&A (Phoenix, AZ) makes the Water Actuated Valve (WAVE) for cleaning and circulation system control, directing the water to specific zones of the pool. Standard features such as a built-in speed control and “QuikStop” ensure optimum cleaning and circulation, as well as “functional flexibility.” The valve contains no screens or filters and is self-cleaning. Its low-profile design provides for discreet installation adjacent to the pool, allowing for aesthetically compliant, hydraulic systems. Read more.
Crystal Fountains’ WDK Series Nozzle
Crystal Fountains (Toronto, ON) offers the WDK Series nozzle designed for interactive play or swimming pool perimeters. The nozzle comes with three different water effect options included that can be easily swapped throughout the season depending on preference or application. The nozzle is available in one-inch inlet size, is made of cast bronze and can be installed vertically or horizontally. Read more.
Thursday Pools Offers Fiberglass Sports Pool
Thursday Pools (Fortville, IN) now offers a flat-bottom sports pool designed to accommodate lounging as well as active play for all ages! This pool offers full width generous steps with a long bench area that adjoins the steps providing more seating options. The flat bottom is great for volleyball, basketball, water aerobics or lap swimming. The vessel is auto-cover-ready and comes with the company’s non-skid, gel coat finish. The pool is 13’-5” wide by 40’ long with a 4’-6” depth, and holds 13,500 gallons of water. To learn more, click here.   
Heatgene Offers Outdoor Showers
Heatgene (Sterling, VA) makes free-standing outdoor showers. The unit pictured here is designed for both commercial and residential use, with a stainless steel shower head, round hand shower with hose in the middle, with a one-way or diverter for head shower or hand shower. Food-grade silicone nozzles helps reduce hard water deposit build-up on the showerhead, making it easier to clean and maintain. It delivers high-power water delivery, even when water pressure is low for a smoother, gentler, more luxurious showering experience To learn more, click here.
Renolit Introduces Marble Liner
Renolit (Laporte, Ind.) now offers a new designer PVC membrane called ALKORPLAN TOUCH-Vanity, a new textured liner membrane pattern inspired by nature. Designed to imitates the look and feel of white marble using a white base color with subtle threads of grey throughout to give the material the realistic appearance of white marble, this 80-mil thick reinforced membrane can be used for new pool construction or to completely encapsulate and renovate leaking or deteriorated pools. To learn more, click here.