Thursday Pools Offers Fiberglass Sports Pool
Thursday Pools (Fortville, IN) now offers a flat-bottom sports pool designed to accommodate lounging as well as active play for all ages! This pool offers full width generous steps with a long bench area that adjoins the steps providing more seating options. The flat bottom is great for volleyball, basketball, water aerobics or lap swimming. The vessel is auto-cover-ready and comes with the company’s non-skid, gel coat finish. The pool is 13’-5” wide by 40’ long with a 4’-6” depth, and holds 13,500 gallons of water. To learn more, click here.   
Heatgene Offers Outdoor Showers
Heatgene (Sterling, VA) makes free-standing outdoor showers. The unit pictured here is designed for both commercial and residential use, with a stainless steel shower head, round hand shower with hose in the middle, with a one-way or diverter for head shower or hand shower. Food-grade silicone nozzles helps reduce hard water deposit build-up on the showerhead, making it easier to clean and maintain. It delivers high-power water delivery, even when water pressure is low for a smoother, gentler, more luxurious showering experience To learn more, click here.
Renolit Introduces Marble Liner
Renolit (Commerce, CA) now offers a new designer PVC membrane called Alkorplan Touch-Vanity, a new textured liner membrane pattern inspired by nature. Designed to imitates the look and feel of white marble using a white base color with subtle threads of grey throughout to give the material the realistic appearance of white marble, this 80-mil thick reinforced membrane can be used for new pool construction or to completely encapsulate and renovate leaking or deteriorated pools. To learn more, click here.
Luxury Liner Notes
Once derided as “baggies,” pools with vinyl liners have now taken their place in the world of custom watershaping, due to the flexibility of shape and wide spectrum of patterns, colors and textures. This beautiful remodel stands as a perfect example, says Columbian watershaper, Christophe Garces. ...
Understanding Borate
The use of borates in pools has gained momentum over the past few years by service techs and homeowners alike. As its acceptance grows, the data and anecdotes of borate benefits are mounting, pointing toward a very bright future for boron-based treatment products. ...
S409: Stainless Steel Wall Detail
For situations where space is tight, turning to stainless steel basins can be the best call, explains Dave Peterson. This structural wall detail can also be used to make a clean aesthetic statement, by bringing the water right up to surrounding hardscape.    ...
Glacier Pool Cooler Lower Water Temps
Glacier Pool Coolers (Scottdale, Ariz.) produces pool chillers for residential and commercial applications. As water is processed through the unit, the chilled water collects in a bottom basin, where the water level rises and falls, allowing the internal sump pump to push the water into the pool line in cycles, providing steady relief from uncomfortably high pool water temperatures. To learn more, click here.
Outdoor Furniture by Kingsley Bate
Kingsley Bate (Manassas, Va.) offers the Quogue collection of all-weather wicker outdoor furniture, made upholstered seating, eliminating the need for a cushion. The upholstery is made from durable, easy-to-care-for Batyline mesh. Seats are gently padded with quick-drying reticulated foam and typically dry in as little as 20 minutes after rainfall, the company says. To learn more, click here.
Meridian Tile Modular Barstool Tops
Meridian Tile (Phoenix, Ariz.) makes modular tile for in-pool barstools and tabletops. The modular tile for barstools is available in glass and porcelain mosaics, sized for 12, 16 and 18-inch Sonotube columns. Table top mosaics are sized for 36-inch tables. The company’s line of barstool and table tops come in a wide range of colors. To learn more, click here.
Biodesign Creates New Pool Construction Method
Biodesign (Farmingdle, N.Y.) offers an alternative method of swimming pool construction that features a structural coating, consisting of resins and quartz sand molded over an EPDM liner, eliminating the need for structural concrete. The pools can be constructed in a variety of sand colors with molded beach entry edges that blend into surrounding hardscape. To learn more, click here.