Aqua Bond Makes Post-Tension Stitches
Aqua Bond (Long Beach, Calif.) introduces the new AquaStitch SP-1238 Stress Proof Stitch concrete crack repair staples system, designed to permanently stabilize and repair structural cracks in concrete, gunite and shotcrete swimming pools and pool decks. Placed every 12 inches along the length of the fracture, the stitching system provides load transfer and resistance against the structural pool crack growing larger. To learn more, click here.
P113: Pump-Isolation Pad Detail
There are two basic ways to reduce noise generated by pool equipment: either enclose it, or stop the noise at the source. In this simple and useful detail, Dave Peterson offers an elegant solution to pump noise and vibration that can be used across a range of watershaping systems, big or small, inside or out. ...
Luxury Liners
Innovative inks and evolving manufacturing techniques are transforming vinyl liners used in swimming pools, says David Sones of Canadian General Tower. As consumers demand visually dynamic patterns and textures, the industry is responding with a class of luxury liners designed to shimmer and shine. ...
The Treatment Power Trio
In his pursuit of delivering “gourmet water” for his clients, Steve Kenny turns to the powerful combination of ozone, UV and low levels of chlorine whenever possible. Doing so, he says, creates synergies that cannot be achieved using the technologies separately. The result is superior water quality that thrills his clients who invest in the combined treatment methods.  ...
Superior Shade Offers Cantilevered Shade Structures
Superior Shade offers suspended cantilever shade structures, which utilize suspension braces at the top of the structure to support the extended shade. This allows for a single column per beam. Features include 8-foot and 12-foot entry height, surface or inground mounting and 20 shade fabric colors. Read more here.
AquaStar Introduces Filter Line
AquaStar Pool Products, Inc. is now offering a new line of filters. Pipeline Filters are available in two different sizes: the PLF27000 for pools up to 27,000 gallons, and the PLF35000 for pools up to 35,000 gallons, both with compact footprints. The filters feature a patented safe-release collar for lid and feature a double-locking ring that mechanically compresses and decompresses the O-ring seal using two large handles. Read more here.
Poolside’s New Skyline Mosaic by CGT
CGT offers Poolside’s new shimmering Skyline Mosaic liner. Inspired by both city skylines and water reflections, the liner is printed on pale-blue pool liner material, and is enhanced with Poolside’s exclusive "aquashimmer" feature, which adds the sparkling effect. Engineered with added chemical and UV protection, the Skyline Mosaic is available to fabricators in North America and Europe from Poolside’s collection of pool liner materials. Read more here.
Outdoor Structures by Atlantic Outdoors
Atlantic Outdoors offers Pergolas, Pavilions and Gazebos in many different styles, in wood, vinyl or heavy timber-frame models. Size profiles are customizable – ranging from 8’x10’ to 16’x16’. Gazebos are available as octagons, ovals and rectangles. All structures offer the choice of roof color, roof materials and stain/vinyl color. For more information click here.
New Liner from Fox Pools
Fox Pools offer its new Speckle Step Soleil overall pattern for vinyl liner pools.  The unique design mimics the look of tiny mosaics and features small pops of gold mosaic “tiles” that add sparkle to the pool water and a sense of luxury to the pool’s aesthetic.  Available in 20-mil for new Fox inground pools and replacement pool liners. For details, click here.
The Outdoor Plus Makes Fire Towers
The Outdoor Plus line of Fire Towers includes an array of fire features that take up no more than two-feet of floor or deck space. The small foot print is coupled with varying heights and sculptural designs. Each unit is handmade from materials including galvanized or corten steel with a variety of finishes. They include propane storage and many designs require no fire glass. No assembly is required. Read more here.