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Will a flood of litigation compromise the watershaping industry's reputation and/or success -- and how might 'alternative dispute resolution' fit into the picture? Here's Eric Herman's take on both fronts. 

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Back in our June 24 edition, we ran a provocative feature by Texas designer/builder and Watershape University instructor, Mike Nantz. As the title “Charging for Design” suggested, Nantz used the space to make a case for pool designers requiring a fee for their design work, rather than using it purely as a sales tool.

It’s a subject that has been tossed around for a long time and always seems to touch nerves, especially among

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Every year during fire season, we see aerial news footage of houses that have burned down next to swimming pools full of water. It always makes me despair and wonder, had there been a way to use that water to stave off the fires, would those houses have been saved? And, are there scenarios where an available water source might even save lives?

Growing up in Southern California where wild fires are part of life, I’ve seen the destructive power up close. I’ve been evacuated three times, have had friends lose their homes and have witnessed what it’s like to live in a community that’s been devastated by the flames. It’s a sudden tragedy that often unfolds in a few terrifying minutes

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There is no question that watershaping industry is on fire right now. Over the past two-plus months, every single builder I’ve talked to, without exception, has said that they are busier than they’ve ever been with a constant stream of homeowners looking to either install a new pool or upgrade an existing one. I’ve heard the same thing from pool and spa retailers and pond builders.

As I previously described in this space, the current surge in

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Back in March, the Western Pool & Spa Show was set to open in Long Beach, Calif., when live events were suddenly and summarily canceled in the state due to the onset of the COVID19 pandemic. It was unsettling, massively inconvenient for everyone involved, and even a little spooky as an unseasonal downpour rolled through the region. At the time no one knew how long such prohibitions would be in place and unfortunately five month later, we still don’t.

We do know that the live trade-show cancellation trend is continuing. In recent days, organizers of the International Pool|Spa|Patio Expo announced

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By Eric Herman

Pool industry pioneer, Howard Arneson, passed away of natural causes, June 16th in San Rafael, Calif. He was 99.

Although many people in today’s pool industry may not be old enough to remember Arneson, he is largely credited with changing the industry in the early 1960s by popularizing the

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Looking at water resource issues it’s easy to despair. Starting with the fact that over a billion people experience some level of water scarcity is obscure to those of us who have lived our entire lives without having to even consider the availability of water beyond

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Back in March I received a call from my long-time friend and industry legend, Vance Gillette. For those who might not be familiar with Vance, he has been a beloved business leader in the pool and spa industry for more than 40 years and even now in retirement, he still is.

Vance called me to share

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For all of its ubiquitous nature, it’s fair to say that most people in the industrialized world take water for granted. Since the introduction of public water treatment in the early 20th Century, our supply has been so safe and reliable that we carelessly assume it will always be there. Clean water flows out of the tap, and the bad water goes down the sink or

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Locating pools and other types of watershapes adjacent to natural bodies of water presents a range of exciting design opportunities. Perhaps the most familiar is the iconic vanishing edge, a design feature that remains a popular choice for water-side sites where

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Back when we launched WaterShapes, just over 21 years ago, the magazine surprised lots of people for a variety of reasons: Its broad focus on all types of water systems; the fact that it’s written in the first person by industry experts and not

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The cliché is true; to know where you’re going you’ve got to know where you’ve been. Like all professions, watershaping has a rich history of innovation and groundbreaking achievements. Unlike other more heralded fields, however, there is no watershaping hall of fame – but if there were, you’d find many an inductee covered in these pages.

Most every field of human endeavor has its

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Simply because water is universal does not mean humans necessarily understand it or see it for what it truly is. I’ve been covering all things aquatic for three decades and the cliché is true, the more I know the more ignorant I become. From the emotional, even spiritual facets of water, to the recreational and awe-inspiring, to the