Pools & Spas

Building Educational Bridges
Watershape University is ready to meet the increasing need for industry education, both online and in person, across a spectrum of mission-critical topic areas. Co-founder, Dave Peterson, recently appeared on an episode of Ask the Master’s podcast showcasing the range of programs WU is delivering in the post-pandemic era. ...
Highly Transpicuous
Pools are hitting new heights, literally. In recent weeks, two record-breaking pools opened in Dubai and London, quickly becoming media sensations, both for their daring designs and decidedly elevated locations. ...
Career by Design
Becoming an independent aquatic designer is an aspiration for many watershape professionals looking to leave the rigors of construction behind. Working his way through nearly all aspects of pool design, construction and sales over a nearly three-decade career, Kevin Woodhurst recently made the full design transition, a journey, he says, that was both deliberate and, at times, also unexpected. ...
The Tokyo Aquatics Centre
As the world fights to re-emerge from the pandemic, the question remains whether or not the "2020" Tokyo Summer Olympics will go forward. If it does, the gathering will feature a beautiful new aquatic center, built for the games but designed for mixed use once the torch has been extinguished. ...
Artaic Introduces Quad Collection
Artaic (Boston, Mass.) has launched its Quad Collection of tile mosaics. The collection showcases a wide array geometric patterns and alignments for use in grid-style, classic and modular applications. Part of the company’s Vitreous Glass line, the collection is available in new sizes, ½ inch, 1 inch. Artaic’s Glazed Porcelain line, is also offered in new 1-inch, 2-inch, 1-by-2-inch, 2-by-4-inch and 4-inch tile sizes. To learn more, click here.
Hayward’s CrystaLogic LED Pool & Spa Lights
Hayward Industries (Elizabeth, N.J.) offers CrystaLogic LED Pool & Spa Lights. UL listed to retrofit virtually any installed niches, the 12-volt, two-wire, all-plastic, lights can be installed four inches from the waterline. The optimized LED and optic design deliver both extraordinary lumen per watt energy efficiency and associated long lifetime cost. All pool and spa lights offer dramatic energy savings of 84% over incandescent lights. To learn more, click here.
JED Offers Flower Fountain
JED Pool Tools (Scranton, Penn.) offers a three-tier wall-mounted pool fountain featuring a flower petal design. The fully adjustable fountain spray height and direction, make it an ideal addition to any swimming pool, enhancing the outdoor living area with beautiful arcs of water and the peaceful sounds of the spray while relaxing poolside. The fountain hooks directly into 1-3/4” threaded return fittings. To learn more, click here.
A Tribute: Albert “Al” Rizzo (May 27, 1934 – May 3, 2021)
The pool and spa industry recently lost one of its founding fathers and most influential figures, the magnetic, always colorful and sometimes irascible, Al Rizzo.  His career building pools spanned more than six decades, during which time he doggedly worked to unify and elevate the industry he loved. ...
Big and Beautiful
Rico Rock was recently asked to provide its GFRC panels for a large waterfeature for an even grander lagoon made by the Chilean firm, Crystal Lagoons, a company that has set records around the globe for creating the largest recirculated swimming pools ever built. The result is a stunning feature on the “shore” of a Texas housing and resort development that offers luxury in a dynamic recreational setting. ...
Living on an Edge
Vanishing edges and other water-in-transit details remain among the most popular design elements in custom pools. Moving water over an edge can be a powerful aesthetic element, one that expands the perception of space and enhances reflection. Taking advantage of those qualities requires mastering the technical specifics.