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WU Launches New Student Experience Portal
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WU Launches New Student Experience Portal

Watershapes University is proud to announce a new user portal platform now available for all existing and future WU students. This new user experience consolidates multiple functions and databases into one, easy-to-use portal with a single sign-on that facilitates enrolling in live and online courses, and receiving certifications for course completions. It’s a useful tool that will help WU students access the education they need to reach their full potential.

When is this change happening?

Monday, July 8th, 2024

Why can’t I enroll in webinars anymore?

After Monday, July 8th, the old system will be available only for students to finish previously enrolled courses. All webinar and other online, on-demand content is available on the new student portal.

Where are my classes I’ve paid for? 

All previously paid enrollments on–long Essential Courses such as Essential Pool Construction and CWO as well as Premium Webinars–will be loaded into your new student portal account by July 8th.

Why do I have to restart Essential Pool Construction? I was halfway through!

Individual course progress from (the “old” system) will not carry over to the new student portal. We are keeping online until September of this year so that students can have a chance to finish courses currently in progress. In the new student portal, you will also be enrolled in an unrestricted “review” version of any Essential course so that you have access to the content even after shuts down in September.

What is the link to the new student portal?

Click here.

What is the password reset link?

Click here.

Why do I have to reset my password?

Resetting your password is a one-time process to establish your new unified student portal account. Due to security measures, we can not transfer your password from or from the old student portal to your new account.

What is my login name for the new system?

The same email address you used for the old student portal (Brett can look this up and/or change it)

My badges are gone!

Badges and certifications are still available to view under the membership roster on The new system has not changed this at all. A new badging/certification system is in development.

I can’t see my company information on my profile any more!

Updates to the company system are in development, and are a high priority for integration into the new system. Brett can assist “company editors” if they want to change their company’s logo or details.

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