Pool & Spa Systems/Equipment

PVC Membranes from Renolit
RENOLIT offers reinforced PVC commercial-grade membranes that provide a watertight surface finish for residential and commercial swimming pools, decks and splash pads. The membranes provide a solution for customers dealing with pools and decks experiencing chronic repairs such as cracking, flaking, peeling and de-lamination, the company says. Suitable both for new builds and renovations, and compatible with any surface, making the finish watertight and slip resistant.
Poolside by CGT offers ‘Butterfly Effect’ Pool Liner
Poolside by CGT offers a stone mosaic liner design with sparkling color to make pool water shimmer. Created to help pool professionals stand out from their competition with a unique design that matches the latest deck and coping treatments, Butterfly Effect is printed on the company’s eclipse grey pool liner material and is enhanced with Poolside’s exclusive aquashimmer feature that gives the design a dramatic and fiery effect.
Fountain People Provide LED Color-Changing Fixture
Fountain People are proud to offer the FXPRO Series LED color-changing light fixture, designed and made for the illumination of fountain and splash pad spray effects, underwater, wet or dry. It features on-board DMX control and is manufactured from cast 316L stainless steel. It includes (9) LED RGBW (4000K White) color changing light diodes, adjustable stainless steel yoke assembly, tempered glass lens with silicone gasket and 20 feet of 18/5 submersible cable.
Pool Algae Prevention
Algae are a class of organisms that are essential to life on earth. In a swimming pool, however, they become an affliction that compromises water quality and consumes chemicals. According to Haviland’s Kevin Vlietstra, although there’s an inevitable quality to algae, prevention is always the best treatment option.    ...
RENOLIT Offers New Stone-Like Membrane
RENOLIT (LaPorte, IN) now offers a new PVC interior finish called ‘ALKORPLAN TOUCH-Prestige,’ which gives both residential pools and commercial aquatic facilities a high-end, designer look to match the latest in outdoor décor. This new, textured, reinforced PVC membrane is inspired by natural elements and imitates the look and feel of volcanic stone by using deep grey tones and hues that give the material the realistic appearance of a volcanic rock. Read more
CCEI USA Offers LED Lights for Pools
CCEI USA (Inglewood, CA) manufactures the Brio LED 3-inch niche-less pool light. Designed to replace traditional incandescent bulbs in a 1.5-inch return fitting, the lights are available with 50-, 100- and 150-foot cable lengths. It has fittings for vinyl liner, fiberglass and concrete pools for easy installation and a wide beam angle of 160 degrees. Brio can provide up to 2400 lumens of output and uses low voltage (12V AC power). Read more here.  
Natural Currents Offers Solar-Powered Pumps
Natural Currents (Dana Point, CA) manufacturers sun-powered high-speed pumps. Efficient water flow is prioritized to maintain strong water circulation, effective filtration and reliable water quality. The company’s line of SunRay pumps offer a zero-utility energy-based solution that exceeds all new energy laws and regulations, the company says.   Read More
Raypak Introduces the E3T Commercial Electric Pool Heater
Raypak (Oxnard, CA) has introduced the E3T 3-phase electric pool heater designed for commercial applications. The heater features a robust titanium heating element that not only prolongs the life of the heater, but allows it to work in extreme pool water environments, such as salt water chlorinated pools, the company says. Learn more here.
Sliding into Innovation
British design firm, Splinterworks (Bath, UK) has made a mark in the watershaping world by reimagining waterslides. Taking a truly daring design approach, the company combines form and function into structures that are as much works of sculptural art as they are pieces of poolside play equipment. ...
Hayward’s ColorLogic LED Lights
Hayward (Berkley Heights, NJ) offers ColorLogic 320 & 160 LED lights. The 1.5-inch pool, spa or accent lights provide low-profile, total color coordination of all water environments and complete synchronization with all Universal ColorLogic lights. With 10 fixed colors and 7 color-changing shows, the ColorLogic 1.5-inch light is ideal for highlighting steps, bubblers, baja shelves and other water features. Learn more.