Pools & Spas

Art of the Angle
Most people probably don't think of geometry as being "cool." While studying points, planes, protractors and the Pythagorean theorem may not have seemed like any fun back in high school, when you use the mathematics of form to create a beautiful hillside watershape, lines and angles become far more interesting. 
Collecting & Using Survey Data
No matter how sophisticated your design software, it’s not worth much without accurate site data,…
Battle for the Grandkids
As we grow older, and our children have children, there's a powerful desire to spend time with younger family members. Savvy grandparents know that one way you can make that happen is to have an at-home environment that kids can't resist.
Detail: A171 (One Step Closer)
Vertical dimensions in floating steps can be critical to walking safety. In our last Beneath the Surface Detail, we coordinated the human stride to basic step geometry in a plan view, now Dave Peterson takes it one step further and looks at this detail from a different angle: an elevation view.
Eyes on Sites
Watershape University launched its 2021 online educational offerings with a detailed primer on site evaluation and surveying in a January Wolfpack Webinar Wednesdays presentation. Taught by Rob Warren, a member of the International Watershape Institute, the presentation covered what watershapers should keep in mind when gathering key site-based information.
ControlOMatic Offers Pool Warden Controller
ControlOMatic (Grass Valley, Calif.) off the Pool Warden chemical controller. The controller uses DPD reagent…
Pentair Improves AquaTRAM 90+
Pentair (Sanford, N.C.) has upgraded its AquaTRAM 90+ pool access lift. The lift rotates 90…
Ramuc’s Damp-Surface Acrylic Paint
Ramuc Specialty Pool Coatings (Rockaway, N.J.) makes DS Water-Based Acrylic pool paint for aquatic facilities…
Paramount Produces the VectorJet
Paramount Pool & Spa Systems (Chandler, Ariz.) makes the VectorJet, an adjustable in-floor cleaning system…
Hayward Offers OmniPL Controller
Hayward Pool Products (Berkeley Height. N.J.) makes the OmniPL, a control system designed for pool…