Building the Ultimate Wave
Australia has long been known as a surfing mecca, boasting some of the world's most awesome breaks. Now, that reputation is moving inland, where the world's largest (and arguably its most innovative) wave pool is redefining how to catch and ride the waves.
Demise of the Water Hazard
There's no question that watershapes have become scarce on new golf courses. Where owners and designers once tried to one-up each other in terms of elaborate course design, including the expansive use of lakes, ponds, streams and waterfalls, today minimalism is the guiding principle, meaning water is rarely part of the program. There are exceptions, of course, but they are extremely few and far between. As one example, we completed a project back in 2016 that included a 23-million gallon irrigation lake that is also an amenity/hazard. Located at the Scottsdale National Golf Club (SNGC) in Scottsdale, Ariz., it's the only significant
Achieving Blue Mind: Part 1
The ability to achieve "Blue Mind" is not dependent on a location - such as an ocean, lake, or river. It is also not dependent on being fully submerged in water. While being able to jump into a cool lake on a hot summer day or stand in the waves at a favorite beach spot helps you
The Waters of Washington
The word "awesome" is badly overused these days, but not so when it comes to describing the waters of Washington State, where living in a state of awe is a common state of mind. My wife, Diane, and I recently concluded four years living in the wilderness there and came away from that experience with deepened appreciations for the many ways the presence of water influences how people live. Not to mention how water shapes everything from politics to geography to the names of the professional sports teams. The presence of water in the landscape profoundly impacts the lives of the people who live around it, and that's been true throughout human history. Because we rely on the presence of water for our survival - as well as transportation, recreation, agriculture and manufacturing everything from medicine to steel - how we choose to
2020/5.1, May 6 — Rooftop Construction, Exploring Xeriscapes, Natural Grandeur and more
Pond Diffusers from Atlantic Water Gardens
Atlantic Water Gardens (Mantua, OH) now offers diffusers for use on large ponds and lakes.…
English Lessons
As a garden designer, I've often heard about wonderful English gardens, historic British designers and specific design styles that have radiated from England through the years.   I've studied books, seen wonderful profiles in magazines and searched the web for photographs and descriptions, but in recent years, the modern miracles of frequent-flier miles and house swapping have enabled me to experience these truly marvelous gardens for myself.  My family and I, in fact, have visited England ten times since our first trip there in 1999. Each trip has given me the opportunity to visit amazing and inspiring gardens in different areas of the country - an education in design that I have fully integrated into my garden-design practice with Blue Hill Design in northern California.   For their part, the English people are very welcoming - and especially, it seems, to gardeners:  Gardening hosts on television are major celebrities, garden shows draw enormous crowds in a country where everyone
Water Emotion
Our early-summer trip to Yellowstone National Park was a revelation to me, pure and simple.  As I related in my Travelogue for July 22 (click here), the thing that occurred to me is that the inspiration at Yellowstone comes less from
Up on Rocky Top
When you work on projects in which stone is commonly measured in the thousands of tons and streams are frequently described in fractions of miles, you’re not easily impressed by size.  This job, however, was remarkably vast – a project driven by creative passion and a client’s desire to
Everyone’s Garden
When Chicago Botanic Garden opened its gates in 1972, those on hand faced the same situation as those who come today:  They will never see nor experience the garden alike on any two occasions. For decades, we have personally and carefully watched this remarkable property grow.  Along the way, we’ve have shared some of the most profound experiences we’ve ever had in our lives:  Both the water elements and the gardens constantly conspire (in the literal sense of the word), breathing as one to create spaces of remarkable beauty, tranquility and diversity.  It is truly our slice of heaven on earth. For years now, we have visited the Garden almost every week to refuel our bodies and refresh our minds.  We’ll generally start with a light lunch at the Garden Café, sometimes in the company of a client or with work materials we enjoy discussing in this stimulating environment.   Part of the joy we experience comes from