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2020/5.1, May 6 — Rooftop Construction, Exploring Xeriscapes, Natural Grandeur and more
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2020/5.1, May 6 — Rooftop Construction, Exploring Xeriscapes, Natural Grandeur and more


May 6, 2020

Elevated Ambitions

This elevated project included an eye-popping rooftop pool/spa combination, a massive entryway reflecting pond and a host of precise construction details. Making it all work, explainsRick Chafey, required detailed computer modeling as well asmultiplelayers of waterproofing. [more]

Discovering Xeriscapes

Xeriscaping is all about creating landscapes that thrive in dry climates — but that doesn’t mean these spaces are devoid of life. In fact, writesMichael Logsdon, water-wise landscapes can be surprisingly vibrant and colorful once you think beyond the rocks and prickly pears. [more]


The Waters of Washington
Eric Hermanhas made it his business to understand how water impacts the human condition and learned a great deal in the four years he and his wife lived in Washington State amid stirring examples of water’s ability to shape lives. Here, he shares the essence of that experience.[more]


The Hidden Source

Creating natural-looking cascades and waterfalls requires the deft handling of a range of technical and aesthetic details – the chief of which, observes watershaperBob Dews, is effective concealment of the water’s source. Here, this specialist in ultra-natural watershapes for residential and commercial clients discusses strategies he uses to hide the headwaters and conjure some distinctly ‘natural’ impressions.

This article, originally published inWaterShapesin April 2002, has been digitized for all readers. Clickhereto see the full text and enlarge the images to study the craftsmanship in detail.


Small Wonders

Great things can be achieved in small spaces, writesKeith Davitt. He works mainly in the urban surroundings of Brooklyn, N.Y., and makes the most of areas that many would consider too confining by focusing on selecting and juxtaposing plants, hardscape and water. [more]


Planting Presence

Water and plants go together like wine and cheese, notesEric Herman, which is why WaterShapes has always made a point of covering the use of plants in spaces that feature water. But unfortunately, he knows too many watershapers who still approach softscaping as an afterthought. [more]


Finding Your Water
Drawing from the language and philosophy of Wallace “J” Nichols, author ofBlue Mind,Lauren Stackdefines the importance of water during these uncertain times. What each of us can do to bring more people to water, she assertshere, has never been more important to the physical and emotional health of our customers and society.

WU Launches
Wolfpack Webinar Wednesdays
Watershape University is now offering online instruction every Wednesday afternoon in an ongoing series of webinars called ‘Wolfpack Webinar Wednesdays.’

The idea is to provide easily consumable bites of relevant information across a range of important topics, from business strategies to technical and product-oriented subjects. For details ontoday’ssession, clickhere.
To borrow an iconic phrase ‘of the people, by the people, for the people,’ that is Watershape University. We are an ever-growing, evergreen TEAM of individuals and companies working together to ensure the long-term prosperity of the aquatics industry through an educated workforce and an educated world that knows the benefits of being near, in, on and under water for life.


Pricey shores:From lakes and lagoons to lazy rivers and fish ponds, watershapes drive real estate values.[more]

There’s definitely a fair quantity of gold in those waters.
Is water weird?Although it is often taken for granted, in scientific terms water is simply extraordinary. [more]

You’ll be surprised by how often H2O breaks the rules.

Hayward’s ColorLogic LED Lighting System
Hayward Pool Products(Berkley Heights, NJ) offers Universal ColorLogic color LED lighting to transform outdoor environments with cost savings and installation versatility for new pools, spas and fountains. Their all-plastic, low-voltage design includes thin, all-plastic UCL niches that eliminate the need for bonding, grounding or GFCIs. For details, clickhere.
Pacific Concrete Offers Coping Molds
Pacific Concrete Images(Rancho Santa Margarita, CA) has introduced Formliner. Used in fabricating poured-in-place pool copings, wall caps, stairs and countertops, the reusable forms are made of both flexible polyethylene foam and rigid polystyrene foam in 16 standard profiles with matching finishing tools. Custom profiles are also available. For details, clickhere.

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