Blue Mind

Essential Connections
While our innate need to be in the presence of water, and have constant access to it is both philosophical and biological, Kevin Woodhurst argues it is also practical from a business perspective. Not only essential for survival, as the desire for water is the primary factor underpinning the existence of the watershaping industry, and arguably modern civilization itself. ...
In Search of Solace
As the world spins off the rails in a variety of unsettling directions, the need for comfort and tranquility has never been greater. Is this where the power of nature and aquatic environments comes the most into play? Has there never been a better time to seek refuse at the water’s edge? Eric Herman thinks so. ...
A Million Blue Marbles
As part of Wallace “J” Nichols Year of Blue Mind, he recently offered a reading from his seminal book of the same name. Here is Chapter 9: A Million Blue Marbles, a treatise that broadens perspectives by focusing on something simple and small. ...
The True Value of Sea Turtles
In his campaign to raise awareness of the importance and benefits of an aquatic lifestyle, Dr. Wallace J. Nichols has declared 2021 "A Year of Blue Mind." Each day he publishes a different Blue Mind-related item on his Patreon page. This wonderful essay was published on day 23.
Expanding Blue Mind
The Blue Mind concept, popularized by author and marine biologist Wallace "J" Nichols manifests in a spectrum of ways and the message is spreading, as evidenced in online resources that echo and amplify the benefits of an aquatic lifestyle and a broader appreciation of science and the natural world.
Living with Devastation
As wildfires rage through the western U.S., countless lives are impacted, upended and lost. It is an annual wave of devastation that has become far too familiar. This past month, our colleague, friend and Wolfpack team member, Wallace "J" Nichols lost his family's home as the Lightning Complex fire raged through the bucolic coastal hamlet of Davenport, Calif., just north of Santa Cruz. His is one of hundreds
Achieving Blue Mind: Part II
Not everyone achieves Blue Mind in the same way. It's a concept that is extremely personal - and that's why it's so effective to boosting your mental, emotional, and even physical health. By contrast, Red Mind is your body's stress response gone haywire. It can be activated when you're worried about your
Achieving Blue Mind: Part 1
The ability to achieve "Blue Mind" is not dependent on a location - such as an ocean, lake, or river. It is also not dependent on being fully submerged in water. While being able to jump into a cool lake on a hot summer day or stand in the waves at a favorite beach spot helps you
2020/6.1, June 10 — Lakeside Luxury, Outstanding Water, Sweltering Shotcrete and more
Angry Shores
In our last edition, Lauren Stack invoked the concepts of "Blue Mind" and "Red Mind," both terms popularized by author Wallace "J" Nichols. While those references may seem somewhat esoteric, a recent personal experience suggests that Nichols is