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Pentair Launches Commercial VS Pump
Pentair Water Pool & Spa (Sanford, NC) has introduced the Max-E-ProXF VS, a commercial pump…
Pentair Unveils New Commercial Pump
Pentair Water Commercial Pool & Aquatics (Sanford, NC) offers the WhisperFloXF VS 5HP variable-speed pump,…
Dual-Voltage Variable-Speed Pump from Speck
Speck Pumps (Jacksonville, FL) produces ES90-II variable-speed pumps for swimming pools. Made with permanent-magnet, brushless…
Zodiac Unveils Jandy Pro Series VS PlusHP Pump
Zodiac Pool Systems (Vista, CA) now offers the Jandy Pro Series VS PlusHP, a variable-speed,…
On Energy Stars and Watershapes
An Interview by Lenny Giteck The path to extending the Environmental Protection Agency's Energy Star certification program to the pool and spa industry was neither short nor smooth:  It took the industry fully five years to convince Energy Star to certify variable-speed pumps.  That important step began about a year ago, and now six manufacturers have earned certification for various energy-efficient pool-pump models. The Energy Star program was created in 1992.  A joint effort by the EPA and the U.S. Department of Energy, it seeks to identify, certify and promote consumer products that are energy-efficient.  In many cases, certified products consume up to a third less energy as compared to products that
Century Offers the V-Green 270 Variable-Speed Pump Motor
Century (Tipp City, OH) now offers the V-Green 270 variable-speed pump motor. Featuring an integrated…
Motive Power
Designing watershapes of any sort is becoming more and more challenging every day.   Where not all that long ago consumers were happy if a pool or spa or fountain or pond simply looked good and operated reliably, there's a new generation of consumers who are much more interested in how these vessels are built and, more specifically, in knowing about how energy efficient they are. This trend is being driven on the one hand by the inevitability of rising utility rates and on the other by legislation such as California's Appliance Efficiency Code (Title 20) - a rule that's attracting the attention of code writers across the country because of the overwhelming importance these days of reducing energy consumption.     With that backdrop, this article takes a look at a watershape's main energy consumer and the most basic of all its
Quiet Efficiency
Recent times have seen the introduction to the pool/spa industry of a new breed of hydraulic pumps that use what is known as 'variable frequency drive' technology.  Here, watershaper, hydraulics expert and Genesis 3 co-founder Skip Phillips describes why he believes these devices, which have been used successfully for years in other industries that demand hydraulic efficiency, represent the future for pools, spas and other watershapes. For all the progress made in recent years to change the nature of the game, to this day I still see situations in which pumps, filters and other system components for pools, spas and other watershapes have, hydraulically speaking, been completely