The Swimming Pool

Pretty as a Picture
Swimming pools and other watershapes make great subjects for photographers, which makes it logical that every year or two I've be able to amass a new collection of these books to review. In general, publications such as these are all about pretty projects and are aimed mainly at consumers, but I've always found them useful as sources for design ideas and, in general, as a means of seeing what other people are doing.  For the most part, however, these publications are not particularly "informative":  Once you get past the pictures, there's really not much else there to build knowledge or advance the craft. Such is the case with all four of the publications I'll cover here in quick, round-up fashion.  All are beautifully illustrated, and some display an interesting range when it comes to
Pooled Resources
Books dedicated specifically to swimming pools are of immediate and obvious utility to a great many watershapers.  I've found valuable ideas from such publications through the years - despite the fact that much of the time their content is aimed at consumers rather than professionals. One thing that has disappointed me in many of these pool-focused publications is that the pool industry itself is not very well represented.  Instead, what you usually see is the work of landscape architects, architects and other designers.  In many cases their work is beautiful and deserving of attention, but the general exclusion of the work of