Platinum Reflections

Liquid Mettle
From the beginning of my career as a sculptor, I’ve mostly given myself over to two simple elements – metal and water – and have tried to develop approaches that turn one into an extension of the other. I like the sense that a sheet of flowing water completes the simple stainless steel shapes I create.  I also like to play with illusion by creating the impression that
Liquid Layering
One of the things I like most about working with water is that it makes statements that don’t require much verbal explanation. In fact, I like to think that the projects I build speak volumes about my clients’ desire for something creative and interesting.  They also speak to the point that most of my clients grant me the freedom to give my very best effort, both aesthetically and technically, without
Cooling the Flock
Sometimes, it’s the unexpected that gives a place its true spirit. That’s been very much the case for The First Church of Christ, Scientist, a 1975 addition to Boston’s historic Back Bay district.  The site features a campus plan devised by legendary architects I.M. Pei and Peter Walker, with grounds organized around a
Up on Rocky Top
When you work on projects in which stone is commonly measured in the thousands of tons and streams are frequently described in fractions of miles, you’re not easily impressed by size.  This job, however, was remarkably vast – a project driven by creative passion and a client’s desire to
2013/1.2, January 23 — Desert Delights, Weathering Winter, Self-Contained Wall Fountains and more
                        January 23, 2013          …
Striking a Chord
When I first walked the four acres of wooded ravines of what would later be christened “The Garden of Wind and Pine” at the heart of the Garvan Woodland Gardens in Hot Springs, Ark., I was both delighted and daunted by the experience. The delight came in the site’s sublime natural beauty, which reminded me of tromping through the woods as a child – an activity I enjoy to this day. As for my sense of unease, I
2012/12.2, December 19 — Integrated Hillside, Reindeer-Proof Holidays, Legorreta’s Aqueduct and more
              December 19, 2012             …
2012/11.2, November 21 — Rippling Glass, Backyard Battles, Rainwater Harvesting and more
               November 21, 2012             …
2012/10.2, October 24 — Edge Treatments, Deck Integrity, Hillside Gymnastics and more
    October 10, 2012                      …