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2012/12.2, December 19 — Integrated Hillside, Reindeer-Proof Holidays, Legorreta’s Aqueduct and more
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2012/12.2, December 19 — Integrated Hillside, Reindeer-Proof Holidays, Legorreta’s Aqueduct and more

December 19, 2012


Emotional Foundations

At their best, say landscape artists and educators Cynthia and Gary Kinman, watershape and landscape design and construction are integrated reflections of the clients’ personalities and desires — and even their feelings about family and life itself. A case in point is the huge project profiled here, in which the pair used their technical skill, patience and personal ideals to transform a steep, forbidding hillside into a client-centered celebration.

This article, originally published in July 2006, has been digitized for all readers. Once you click ‘more’ on the next screen, you can zoom in on images to study the craftsmanship in detail. [continue]


Reindeer-Proof Holidays

The holidayseason is a time for caring and sharing, observes Scott Cohen — but feeding Santa’s reindeer (or regular deer) when they stop by is asking just a bit too much. Here are some timely planting suggestions that will help guide them elsewhere. [more]


Imported Genius

Downtown Los Angeles is in the process of filling up with interesting attractions, notes Jim McCloskey, but that shouldn’t mean overlooking the early-1990s version of Pershing Square, which features an amazing watershape by Ricardo Legorreta. [more]


Koi Pond, Revisited

It’s almost routine, notes Mike Gannon: More and more often, he and his crews are being called in to renovate and expand clients’ existing ponds. Here’s a look at one such project — along with some written advice on what to do with the fish displaced by the process. [more]


Gearing Up

The year now passing into the history books has been an eventful one for the WaterShapes franchise, writes Jim McCloskey. And it’s all a prelude to spectacular things in 2013 and beyond — as you’ll see in this brief preview of coming attractions. [more]


What was the #1 item?
Celebrating the Top 10

Ripples Stories of 2012


Striking a Chord

These four acres of rocks, plants and water were assembled by landscape artist and Japanese-garden specialist David Slawson, who combines sensitivity to the site and the character of the client with the beauty of indigenous rock and plant materials. [more]


Stepping Up

Five years ago, Brian Van Bower observed that landscape designers and architects were gravitating toward the water to an unprecedented degree. Are the still on the move? [more]


New Details on Famous JFK
Ocean Swim Photo Revealed

Many water-related stories have been in the news of late – including reports connected to the three questions below.

1. A U.S. newspaper recently published new information about a famous photograph – which appeared on its front page in August 1962 – of President John F. Kennedy after he went swimming in the ocean. The bare-chested, dripping-wet president was surrounded on the beach by an adoring crowd (including one woman in a polka-dot bikini who caught his eye). Where did JFK go for a swim?

a. Miami Beach, Fla. b. Coney Island, N.Y. c. Santa Monica, Calif. d. Corpus Christi, Tex.

2. Officials in the Stroud District Council in Gloucestershire, England, plan to dye the water in a public pool a certain color and hold a special event (swimming the equivalent of the width of the English Channel) to raise money for a good cause. What is the color and what is the cause?

a. Red – AIDS research b. Pink – a breast cancer charity
c. Green – an environmental organization d. Yellow – bladder cancer research.

3. USA Swimming has placed a lifetime ban on 20-year-old swimmer Adrian Ghandtchi, from Altamonte Springs, Fla. What was the reason for the ban?

a. He committed felony battery against a minor.
b. He shoplifted merchandise from a department store.
c. He failed a drug test right before a competition.
d. He turned out not to be an American citizen.

To find out how many you got right, click here.


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