Palm Springs

A Guy in a Pool
Sharing time in a pool has a way of carrying everyone involved to a relaxed state of mind that lets the rigors of daily life temporarily slip away. It's a sensation Eric Herman recently experienced with a group of friends, all of whom lead energetic, stressful lives.
Ripples #36
Compiled and Written by Lenny Giteck   Tom Cruise Mojo-Rich Pool Water Up for Bids on eBay On the odd chance you have no plans to be in the vicinity of Lourdes anytime soon, not to worry…eBay to the rescue! As of this writing, you may
Spirited Waters
In 1997, the City of Palm Springs Arts Commission held a national competition for a sculpture to be placed in a prominent public space, the Frances Stevens Park.  I was intrigued by the site's high visibility - and by the fact that the California city wanted a sculpture that used water in a desert setting.   Working from my studio on the East Coast, I put together an initial proposal that included a number of ideas - provocative to me, but not yet fine-tuned.   It wasn't until I actually visited the site in Round Two of the selection process that I knew just how perfect a setting was being offered - a wide-open space in the center of town, ringed by tall palm trees and low-lying buildings with the stunning