#23: Perimeter-Overflow Spa
Once U.S. designers and builders "discovered" vanishing edges - probably at some point in the 1980s, although the look emerged long before then with some forward-thinking architects and watershapers - we've never let this highly visual design detail go.   I use these edge effects in my designs all the time, and setting them up in the best way possible has
Winter Delights
An important part of creating a human environment in harmony with nature is planning for and designing with the cycle of the seasons in mind. At our company, the Dirsmith Group, we operate with the belief that a blending of fine architecture and landscape design into our natural environment, in careful harmony with human beings, demonstrates both a reverence and a respect for nature.  The result of this blended environment is that people feel good:  They enjoy being in the space, and we believe it enriches the human spirit. When it comes to working with the seasons specifically, that's easier said than done in