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Why the Wolf?
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Why the Wolf?

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wu logoWe’ve been asked why Watershape University (WU) chose the wolf as its mascot, and why by extension we refer to our team – of students, faculty and partners — as the “wolfpack”?

The simplest answer is that we’re basing our organization on the higher-education model, which is why we’re a “University.” And, in the collegiate world, everyone has a mascot. From the Razorbacks of the University of Arkansas to the Banana Slugs of U.C. Santa Cruz to the Buckeyes of Ohio State, universities forge their identity and create a sense of community by way of their mascot. Alabama just wouldn’t be the same without the Crimson Tide nor would Penn State without its Nittany Lions.

While mascots are all about fun and school spirit, they often carry deeper meanings. They exist to project an attitude or even a philosophy that defines a given institution. In our case, we recognize that real-life wolves are smart, cunning, adaptable and organized. Characteristics of a wolfpack include unlimited patience, never-ending curiosity, a desire to work as a team, robust strategy and careful planning, a sense of urgency and purpose, and an unwillingness to quit.

A wolfpack is a surprisingly profound and formidable force, based on the premise of inevitable success through perseverance, intelligence and adaptability. Those are winning characteristics in any setting and top to bottom represent the values at the heart of WU. The WU wolfpack is always learning, always growing, always improving, but never quitting. That’s why we believe it’s a perfect analogy for the culture of expansive learning and community we are working to establish in all aspects of our programs.

Fact is, everyone wants to be part of a winning team. It’s human nature to want to be part of something larger than yourself and to associate with like-minded groups of people. In that spirit, Watershape University and its wolfpack is inclusive rather than exclusive. If you work in watershaping, our programs are there for you; and, we invite our students to be part of our family, in other words, join the pack.

We believe our industry, which is largely made up of small companies and individual practitioners, is missing a sense of community. Bringing “lone wolves” into our pack of like-minded professionals pursuing excellence is the perfect way to fill that void.

Also, promoting our handsome mascot is part of having fun with the branding process. Let’s face it, the discipline required to master watershaping can at times be deadly serious and decidedly not entertaining. Invoking all things collegiate is our way of adding a dose of whimsy into the mix.

There’s just something kind of cool about being represented by a noble and cunning canine. In an industry dedicated to fun and enjoyment, why not lighten things up a bit? Ultimately, the WU Wolfpack is ready and waiting, if you are ready to run with the best, we ar`e ready to run with you.

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