The Codes Less Traveled
Composition of this article began with an e-mail I received a while ago from a colleague working in Australia.  "What," he asked, "is the maximum allowable depth for a fountain in the United States?"  As simple as it sounded, when I took the time to research the issue I found that there was a noticeable lack of definition.   I took the next logical step and called various people I know in the watershaping industry and asked them the same question.  Surprisingly enough, nobody could point me to any code, regulation or standard that defined what depth a waterfeature's pool could
The Jet Set
If you've been following this column for the past several issues, you already know a good bit about the magnificent (and magnificently difficult) project I completed late last year in the Malibu Colony.  Many times in those columns, I mentioned (mostly in passing) a system of four deck-level laminar jets we planned on installing. As was the case with just about everything else on this project, incorporating the system of jets into the courtyard environment turned out to be far more complicated and challenging than we ever thought it would be.  When all was said and done, however, we all agreed that meeting this particular challenge was