vanishing edge design

Living on an Edge
Vanishing edges and other water-in-transit details remain among the most popular design elements in custom pools. Moving water over an edge can be a powerful aesthetic element, one that expands the perception of space and enhances reflection. Taking advantage of those qualities requires mastering the technical specifics.
Changing Spaces
I've noticed through the years that, from my perspective at least, some of my favorite projects come with the best stories. The poolscape seen here is definitely one of these. The client started things off by purchasing a house in an ultra-high-end neighborhood, then personalized it with all sorts of details, materials and finishes that turned the existing house into an extremely comfortable Country French-style estate. The one element it lacked, he figured, was a nice swimming pool. While he was considering his options, the home next door - one with
A Faraway Hill
  Through the years, we've worked on lots of projects in remote locations all around the world, from Sri Lanka to Bermuda. In a few instances, we've worked without any site visits - but our strong preference is to see where we're working: It helps move our process along if we get the lay of the land and have the opportunity to meet with clients or architects or property representatives on site. The reasons for this preference are obvious: We draw ideas from what we see, nail down a sense of scale and proportion and head to the drawing board armed with
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Liquid Stages: Steve Oliver’s Platinum Standard Project
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