Shall We Dance?
Picture this: A seaside fountain in which jets of water are arrayed and programed to emulate a Pacific Ocean swell. It's designed as a mirror to existing conditions, using real-time ocean-observation data to determine the exact timing and height of the fountain's jet sequence. Or this: An installation scheduled by its managers to function as an interactive-play fountain at certain times of the day when children are likeliest to be present, or as a musical/performing fountain in the evenings or at other times when the property owner's desire is to entertain and help people relax. Or this: A fountain that
Easier by Analogy
Several years ago, I was asked to conduct a seminar on basic electricity for the members of a small homeowners' association.  They were working their way alphabetically through the various trade disciplines with which a homeowner might come in contact.  As I recall, they had covered attic fans, brickwork, cabinetry, carpeting, decks and doors at previous meetings.  I learned that I was to be followed in coming months by fences, fireplaces and