PVC Membranes

RENOLIT Makes Vogue Collection
RENOLIT offers its VOGUE Collection of four reinforced membrane designs that are printed with a unique relief and texture that provides a refined interior finish for waterproofing pools. Made of 80-mil thick, commercial grade, reinforced PVC with Class C slip resistant properties, these four designs offer a commercial grade color selection and texture that makes them ideal for both new pool construction or for renovating leaking or deteriorated pools.  Learn more here.
PVC Membranes from Renolit
RENOLIT offers reinforced PVC commercial-grade membranes that provide a watertight surface finish for residential and commercial swimming pools, decks and splash pads. The membranes provide a solution for customers dealing with pools and decks experiencing chronic repairs such as cracking, flaking, peeling and de-lamination, the company says. Suitable both for new builds and renovations, and compatible with any surface, making the finish watertight and slip resistant.
Insulated Concrete Forms & PVC membranes (a perfect marriage?)  
When it comes to favored pool construction techniques, some builders are exploring new options to meet the needs of the market and their own internal operations. Here’s a perfect example of an enterprising watershaper exploring an innovative combination of construction systems. ...