PVC liners

PVC Membranes (a neat fit)
There’s no limit to the cost of renovating severely cracked pools. Ontario Pool Coatings recently turned to PVC membranes as a way to control those costs and most important, provide a reliable watertight renovation solution. As company president, Darren Borland, explains, the move into membranes has proved a perfect fit. ...
Broader Horizons
When I started my pond company as a teenager in 2002, I had no clear idea how Laughing Waters (Palos Heights, Ill.) would evolve in subsequent years.  At the time my first article appeared in WaterShapes in 2007, I was basically a 22-year-old bundle of energy with more ambition than experience. In the decade since then, our energy has become more focused, the company has grown to take on a full range of major residential and commercial projects and, with experience, our ambition has