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Everyone’s Garden
When Chicago Botanic Garden opened its gates in 1972, those on hand faced the same situation as those who come today:  They will never see nor experience the garden alike on any two occasions. For decades, we have personally and carefully watched this remarkable property grow.  Along the way, we’ve have shared some of the most profound experiences we’ve ever had in our lives:  Both the water elements and the gardens constantly conspire (in the literal sense of the word), breathing as one to create spaces of remarkable beauty, tranquility and diversity.  It is truly our slice of heaven on earth. For years now, we have visited the Garden almost every week to refuel our bodies and refresh our minds.  We’ll generally start with a light lunch at the Garden Café, sometimes in the company of a client or with work materials we enjoy discussing in this stimulating environment.   Part of the joy we experience comes from
Shaped in the Heartland
Kansas City, Missouri, proudly calls itself "The City of Fountains," and it comes by the title legitimately.  In fact, more than 150 public fountains grace its plazas, boulevards, parks and public buildings, and the community has long held to a tradition of creative use of moving water and sculpture in developing its public spaces. As a resident of the city, I get a sense of civic history and our collective self-image as I look at these fountains.  As a watershaper, I take additional pride in the variety of forms and styles I see and in the course of technological development that has lifted fountains to new heights of