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2011/6.1, June 15 — Vanishing Edges, Banpo Bridge Fountain, Portfolios and more
June 15, 2011 WATERSHAPES.COM LESSONS LEARNED Vanishing-Edge Pools: Problems and Solutions According to Scott Cohen,…
Packaging Your Finest Work
By Mike Farley One of the greatest contrasts I’ve found between watershapers from the pool and spa industry and watershapers with backgrounds in landscape architecture is the way representatives of the two groups handle their portfolios. Landscape architects are taught that
Integrated Perspectives
I've never been big on trade shows and conferences.  For years I have resisted them in the belief that they were mostly for those who had time to attend them and craved the camaraderie and social opportunities they offered.   I've always looked at the programs and have seen that there's usually been something to learn during these events, but I brushed off the possibility of attending because I always thought I could get most of what I needed by working and paying attention to books and magazines.  Also, there was always the issue that, as the sole provider in a one-person operation, spending so many days away from my clients and prospects would prove