Aquascape Offers Protective Fish Caves
Aquascape (St. Charles, IL) manufactures faux-log fish caves as heavy-duty, natural-looking shelters that protect pond…
2016/9.2, September 21 — Hilltop Staging, Pond Pests, Shimmering Reflections and more
Crime-Scene Ponds
Most ponds are at the mercy of predators of one sort or another.  In Mike Gannon's experience, however, there are two usual suspects he knows he can ignore -- and a whole class of offenders who can't seem to resist stopping by to feast on fishy treats.    
Happy, Healthy and Safe
Koi ponds can be watershapes of great beauty in which sizeable populations of large, gorgeous fish thrive through the long lives these creatures often experience.  With the pond that appears at the start of the video linked below, however, there were key features that were missing from the existing pond that put the big fish at risk in a number of ways. I don't know the full history of the pond, but it's clear it
Turtle Heaven
Every once in a while, we come across a client with a special interest in supporting something other than the fish and plants that generally inhabit the ponds we design and install.  Occasionally, for example, we’ll get a request to build a watershape that will be particularly attractive to non-fishy wildlife – everything from birds and frogs to various mammals and even insects. In most cases, no special features are required:  The pond becomes a known, habitual part of the local ecosystem and various creatures will just show up, so all we really need to do is make certain the water is deep enough and that we’ve installed enough caves and hiding places that the fish will be able to elude predators. Turtles, however, are a different story.  Where frogs and birds and raccoons and butterflies will just appear, pondowners generally need to bring in turtles – and then