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2016/9.2, September 21 — Hilltop Staging, Pond Pests, Shimmering Reflections and more
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2016/9.2, September 21 — Hilltop Staging, Pond Pests, Shimmering Reflections and more

September 21, 2016

All About the View

The hilltop spec house called for a soft-spoken pool and spa that didn’t interfere with the great view beyond. So he started with a simple form, writes Ben Lasseter — then focused his creative energies on details that make cool impressions when it’s time to take a closer look. [more]


Crime-Scene Ponds

Most ponds are at the mercy of predators of one sort or another. In Mike Gannon‘s experience, however, there are two usual suspects he knows he can ignore — and a whole class of offenders who can’t seem to resist stopping by to feast on fishy treats. [more]


Brilliant Reflections

This watershape was built long after Jim McCloskey‘s one-and-only visit to Bordeaux. But a composition by Jean-Max Llorca is now on his must-see list the next time he heads to France to indulge his fondness for beautiful reflections — and perhaps for fine wine as well! [more]


Teaming Perfection

Every great watershaping project involves a measure of design inspiration followed up by an equivalent measure of excellence in execution. In some cases, notes watershaper Brian Van Bower, a single entity or person drives both processes, but it’s increasingly common these days for superb projects to be the result of a team effort — a collaboration among architects, designers, contractors and subcontractors aligned in pursuit of a shared goal.

This article, originally published in WaterShapes in October 2007, has been digitized for all readers. Click here to see the full text and enlarge the images to study the craftsmanship in detail.


Bad Plot Plans, Big Changes

What happens when building plans vary significantly from the reality on the ground? It’s not good, writes Scott Cohen, which is why he recommends instituting an easily implemented procedure that keeps all parties focused and helps everyone avoid nasty surprises. [more]


I’m Not Alone . . .

Among Jim McCloskey‘s many current fixations, there are two that have gained some truly wonderful media exposure in recent weeks — one of which he sees as a golden business opportunity, the other of which he hopes will encourage a major preservation campaign. [more]


Up Too Close Dept.: Scientists use an electron microscope to capture images of common algae. [more]

The photos are lovely, but I still don’t want ’em in my pool!

Underwater Noodling Dept.: Band plays a spooky-sounding tune from within water-filled containers. [more]

The well-edited clips don’t let you see anyone breathe.


Creative Genus

Back in 2006, Stephanie Rose wrote in Natural Companions about a plant near and dear to her heart — and made a suggestion that offers designers an easy opportunity to broaden their horizons. [more]

Crystal Fountains Launches RGBW Lighting Options

Crystal Fountains (Toronto, Ontario, Canada) has implemented an RGBW option throughout its LED lighting lines, expanding the available lighting palette in products such as the LED 260 light to include up to 4.2 billion unique color combinations. The key is the addition of a white diode that allows for a fuller color spectrum. For details, click here.

Pole Holders from Color Match Pool Fittings

Color Match Pool Fittings (Surprise, AZ) makes pole holders for concrete pools and spas. Designed for 1-1/2-inch umbrellas, volleyball posts and tiki torches, the sleeves come in five- and seven-inch models; are available in eight colors; can be placed on floors, steps or decks; include threaded sealing caps; and have built-in, leak-reducing water stops. For details, click here.


Making the Right
There’s no doubt about it: You who design and build pools, spas, fountains, ponds, streams, waterfalls and other forms of contained, controlled water have an amazing ability to produce works of great beauty. But you also face real challenges when it comes to conveying messages about your skills and talents to prospective clients who might be interested in having you help them make water part of their daily lives.
That’s where the WaterShapes Professional Network can help: We’ve built a web presence in which dozens (and, eventually, hundreds) of designers and builders of watershapes of all types participate as an interlinked colossus — a group entity large and interconnected enough that the search engines have to treat it with respect. So if it’s a strong (or even just a stronger) web presence you’re after, please do take a look and get involved.
The Network is working just the way we’d hoped: Time to click aboard?

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