Powering the Press
'Exceptional projects for outstanding clients don't fall off trees:  You need to reach these people somehow,' declared Brian Van Bower in his Aqua Culture column for March 2004, 'and make your presence known. 'There are numbers of ways of achieving this contact, and I'd argue that
Design Decisions
I was hired recently to work on a substantial restoration project in a prominent Los Angeles neighborhood.  I'd worked previously with the architect on a large estate, and he had referred me to the homeowners.  After a couple of meetings, we determined we were all a good fit, and I was hired to design the exterior spaces of the home in collaboration with the architect, the contractor and the decorator. About a month into the project, the interior decorator was let go in favor of a restoration specialist.  By that time, it was clear that many of the design decisions being made were not in keeping with
Taking Shape
The issue you hold in your hands marks the completion of WaterShapes' fifth year in print - a milestone that I can't believe is happening so soon.   It doesn't seem all that long ago that
The Heart of the Art
There's a natural tendency to think of artists as dreamy, distracted types devoid of any aptitude for or interest in things technical. When you study just about any art form in depth, however, you soon realize that