Staying Current
'With a busy schedule,' wrote Stephanie Rose to open her March 2005 Natural Companions column, 'it's too easy to use the same tools repeatedly in project designs.   'Yes, you can mitigate the repetition to a certain extent by using those tools differently each time, but the fact remains that many of us tend to design over and over again with the same plants, hardscape materials and structural approaches because it's
A Day to Swim
Is it an idea whose time has come? On June 8, I received an email from my friend Dave Penton announcing that he was setting up Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts for something called International Swim Day. "The first day of summer this year is
On a Wire
‘Several years back, I was in a seminar at the International Pool & Spa Expo when the instructor asked everyone who had an e-mail address to raise a hand.   ‘Way back then – it was in the late 1980s or perhaps even the early ’90s – using the Internet for communication was a brand-new concept to most people and there were only a few . . .  in the room who lifted an arm.  I wasn’t one of them,’ observed Brian Van Bower in opening his September 2008 Aqua Culture column, ‘and at that point I had no idea that e-mail and Web sites would ever
Professional Relations
  ‘When it comes to business,’ observed Stephanie Rose in her October 2002 Natural Companions column in WaterShapes, ‘I know that being a soloist carries me only so far:  Rather, it’s the relationships I’ve established and maintained within the business community that have taken me beyond the
The Work of Others
‘With spring upon us,’ began Stephanie Rose’s column in May 2007, ‘calendars of local events are filling up with garden tours of all shapes and sizes. From large estate tours and special events at botanical gardens to tours of wonderful neighborhoods staged by local garden clubs, there’s much to be seen while wandering through
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2012/10.1, October 10 — Landscape Lighting, Penny Pinching Woes, Fish-Friendly Ponds and more
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Finding Value in Trade Shows
Five years back, columnist Brian Van Bower wrote passionately about the opportunities he found in attending trade shows.  At that time, the industry was doing very, very well, and it’s likely his plea had a tough time finding receptive ears.  Is it possible that 
By Our Sides
The great poet and philosopher John Donne once wrote, “No man is an island” – a wonderfully simple declaration that none of us is really alone and that we all exist in a world filled with others. There are exceptions, of course, and I’ve run into my share of loners who resist the notion that we are all interdependent on some level.  But as I’ve moved through the world and have met people I perceive to be talented or successful in some way, it’s been my observation that they have substantial support systems of one sort or another. That support may come from a spouse, a life partner, a live-in companion or a boy- or girlfriend.  Or it may come from
Touches of Humility
One of the things I love about my chosen profession is that no two days are exactly alike:  Instead of installing the same design in the same way day after day, I’m constantly forging ahead, taking new paths, moving in new directions.   With these explorations come many opportunities to learn new techniques and work through new ideas.  And I like the fact that I’ve built a reputation as someone who enjoys pushing the envelope and trying out approaches I haven’t