natural swimming pool

Stepping into History
On February 17, Watershape University presented a special on-location edition of its Wolfpack Webinar Wednesdays. Hosted by Dave Peterson, the program took a deep dive into a massive natural swimming pool project currently being installed in one of Southern California’s most historic private residences. ...
Test Your Knowledge #66
Three People Swim Together from Alcatraz to San Francisco . . . So?!
Going Natural
Although the concept is relatively unfamiliar in the United States and largely untested here, pools supported by an entirely natural approach to filtration and water management have been under development in Europe for decades and have caught on there in a big way in recent years.  In this special feature, German watershaper and natural-pool expert Rainer Grafinger discusses the ‘technology’ behind this potent European trend. For most people in the United States, swimming is far from a natural experience:  Bathers move back and forth in man-made, chemically treated backyard or public swimming pools and seldom (if ever) find themselves in