Why Watershape University?
Ever since the formation of Watershape University last fall, curious minds have rightfully asked what this organization is all about, what our goals are, and the means we'll be using achieve those ends? Here's a rundown of the key questions and answers: What's a "watershape"? The creators of WaterShapes coined the term before
So What’s Up?
The Number One question I have been asked since the announcement of the acquisition of WaterShapes by Watershape University is fairly blunt: "What does this mean for WaterShapes?" My usual answer is, "Not much - and everything!" The "not much" part pertains to the fact that
An Expo with a Difference
A couple weeks back, I was figuring that my time at the 2015 edition of the International Pool|Spa|Patio Expo would be quite routine - visiting with old friends, making a few new ones, catching up with our sponsors and recruiting several more. But those easy expectations all changed shortly before the show when the announcement came, first through
Rising Tides
As I announced in the last WaterShapes World blog, this edition of the newsletter carries a new/old name:  WaterShapes.  It's a proud title, and I'm happy to bring it back knowing we have so much more to accomplish. *** Our mission isn't much changed since we started out in
All Lined Up
It is with no small pleasure (and even more relief) that I can announce completion of the digitizing of WaterShapes magazine:  Every one of the articles and columns printed in the 131 issues we published between February 1999 and July 2011 are now all available online in .html format. It has indeed been a monumental task - one that started early last
The WaterShapes.com Media File
  Continuing the WaterShapes Revolution Welcome to WaterShapes.com, the one-stop web site that serves the…