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Water in Sculpture
I'm particularly interested in the behavior of water. To me as a sculptor, differing water flows and their textures are like "colors" to a painter:  I find a color that holds meaning for me and then look for a structural form that can present it.  To this extent, my artistic medium is the behavior of water and the means to make it behave.  The sculpture in this case is water combined with a structure in steel, stone and equipment. The work is abstract:  abstractions of feelings related to the movement of people, animals, fish and the flows of water in streams, rivers, rain - even the flow of numbers.  As a result, I need metaphors and feelings to drive my creative expressions, then use water and other sculptural elements in much the same way a choreographer might use line and gesture to express a feeling or a composer will use chord changes and musical phrasing.   My hope is that, in creating forms that are meaningful to me, other