learning curve

On the Ground Floor
I grew up in my father's pool business - a successful design/build firm based in Henderson, Nev.  Even in high school, I was consciously preparing myself to get involved on the design side of things and had signed up for a drafting class to start developing the requisite drawing skills. But something big was happening in the late 1990s:  I was all set for my drafting class and had equipped myself with the tools I'd need
Embracing Technology
For many years, I sat on the sidelines and watched others learn to use CAD to their professional advantage.   I'm a fine artist by background and training and have always had great confidence in my ability to draw freehand.  But I also yearned to become proficient with computers because I was convinced they'd streamline my work, offer me additional tools that would facilitate expansion of my business and, overall, make me a better landscape architect.  I was completely
Kitchens of Distinction
What started as a slow simmer has now come completely to a boil. Ten years ago, precious few of our clients had little or no interest in setting up outdoor cooking areas to go along with their pools, spas and waterfeatures.  That's certainly not the case today, when fully 90% of our clients want us to set up some sort of kitchen amenity as part of their deck and patio areas. You don't have to be a marketing genius to see what's happening:  It's great fun to
Proof Positive
Watching the arc of a learning curve can be fascinating - particularly when you're not the one who's going through the process. This is why I take such pleasure in