The New-Pond Blues
It doesn't happen every time.  But as Mike Gannon reports here, new ponds will head in this disturbing direction often enough that he prepares all of his clients to deal with a distressing transformation that can occur within weeks after a pond has been filled with water for the very first time.
Super Vision
In the past few issues of WaterShapes, I've used this column to share some very specific construction techniques with you - each one a special detail that I've used to add value and interest to my work.  Before I did the first in the series, however, I probably should have laid down an important ground rule:  Everything that you've seen in this column - and in the other articles and columns I've written and will write in the future - requires both constant and competent on-site supervision. It's a fact of life:  The best design feature in the world isn't worth anything if it isn't executed properly.  And no matter how good your in-house staff or subcontractors are, they need