Edible Landscapes
More and more of my clients are interested in including edible plants in their gardens.  They're into cooking, great food, fine wine and entertaining, and they appreciate the special flavors that come when they grow and harvest their own edibles.   It's incredibly satisfying to walk out into one's own garden and pick fruits or vegetables or herbs.  Not only do these edibles taste better than store-bought produce, but any gardener can be reasonably sure that the foods they grow are free of pesticides and other undesirable contaminants. No matter what
Considering the Truly Unusual
This past summer, I had the pleasure of traveling to Europe - specifically Northern Italy and Southern France.  Along the way, I was lucky enough to see the lavender fields of Provence in peak bloom and many unusual and beautiful gardens.  My travels were particularly rewarding in the region around Lake Maggiore in Northern Italy, well known for having some of Europe's most beautiful gardens. We started off by visiting the islands on the lake and their villas, complete with their classic-style gardens.  The climate of the area allows for growing many of the plants I'm familiar with in Southern California, but the