A Sloshing Mystery
Water in the open basins that commonly surround fountain jets or nozzles is never tranquil while these systems are in operation.  It will slosh around in response to the upward thrust of those jets or nozzles as well as the splashing the rising water makes as it drops back into the basin.  If the circumstances are right, this disruptive splashing will produce waves in a distinct, consistent pattern.  By exploiting these waves, it's possible to produce an effect I find
Safe Havens
It’s one of the unavoidable results of living in urban or suburban areas:  People who dwell in mostly built environments feel cut off from nature.  This, of course, is one of the reasons why ponds and streams have become so popular among so many homeowners. Adding spice to the sauce, I’ve found in recent years that this desire for naturalistic watershapes and elaborate gardens has also been attended by a desire on the parts of many of my clients to attract various forms of wildlife to participate in the setting.  And it’s not just about fish in their ponds:  With increasing frequency, my clients are also asking me to design and build spaces that will comfortably host a variety of creatures, including