Concrete: A Pictorial Celebration

Concrete Discussions
Concrete is so essential to the work of watershapers and so pervasive in all forms of construction that it's a bit too easy to take it for granted.  Using myself as an example, I'll confess to having fairly thin knowledge of the material, its history and the myriad uses to which it is put to use - until, that is, I looked through Concrete: A Pictorial Celebration (published by the American Concrete Institute in 2004). This wonderful, 260-page book offers a (mostly) visual tour of the fantastic and utterly essential applications of concrete that have indelibly marked the advance of modern society, worldwide.  It's organized into several sections, each one chock full great photos accompanied by informative, albeit brief, textual passages.   It's not a technical discussion by any means; instead, it's an almost dizzying tour of the