Island Building
The project I've been working on in the hills outside Hanover, Pa., has just about every feature, bell and whistle one can imagine.   That inclusiveness of detail at every level has translated to an unusually intricate construction process, as I mentioned last time in discussing the excavation, forming, plumbing and steel phases.  Now we get to the gunite. Where a garden-variety backyard pool involves placement of maybe 30 to 50 yards of concrete and some larger projects may run in the 50-to-70-yard range (and where most of mine tend to fall in the 90-to-130 yard range) - this project needed two gunite rigs shooting for two solid days, 12 to 13 hours each day.  The pool shell alone (excluding the waterfall, the grotto and several other features we'll get into later) required a staggering 300 yards of concrete.  That's about