Degrees of Separation
'Through the past few months,' wrote Brian Van Bower in April 2005 to open his Aqua Culture column, 'I've run across several representatives of the pool and spa industry who have expressed concern that some of us in the business of educating watershapers are encouraging landscape architects to move in the direction of the pool industry's traditional market. "I can understand the anxiety.  After all, landscape architects are
Deficits of Trust
'The Harvard Business Review recently published results of an interesting survey:  Overall, they said, some 75 percent of those contacted reported diminishing trust in U.S. business managers and their companies; moreover,' added Brian Van Bower in starting his Aqua Culture column in WaterShapes' January 2010 issue, 'their faith in educational institutions, product suppliers and government is on the decline as well.' 'It all seems gloomy and pessimistic, but I couldn't be
S.R. Smith Updates Starting Blocks
S.R. Smith (Canby, OR) has upgraded its popular Varsity starting blocks. Designed for easy updating,…
Natare Manufactures Moving Bulkhead Systems
Natare Pool Corp. (Indianapolis, IN) offers moving pool bulkheads that meet all current FINA, USA…
Wabash Cannonballs
With the effects of the Great Depression still rocking the economy in the mid-1930s, the Works Progress Administration became a major employer and creative force that put many still-treasured public facilities on the map. In fact, there are few cities in the country that don't boast a park, bridge, post office or some other public structure built by some of the millions of laborers who found work through the WPA. In 1937, Vincennes, Ind., was a particularly fortunate beneficiary of WPA's prowess in the form of the Rainbow Beach Aquatic Center - one of the most innovative and distinctive of all such facilities built up to that time. The goals were two: to provide jobs for the unemployed and to address an alarming increase in
2016/5.2, May 18 — Basin Reborn, Perimeter Parameters, Fountain Fireworks and more
Simply Stunning
It always makes me happy to see innovations in watershaping.  As I've mentioned before, there were times in the 1980s when I had the sense that not much was possible beyond what we already had on hand.  But the past 20 years have completely driven off that impression, and I'm happy to say that just about every time I turn around something new jumps to my attention. I have two such developments in mind as I write this, one that appeals to me because of my love of opportunities to
Ripples #102
43rd Annual International Nude Swim Competition Held in Mulhouse, France  
The Aquatic Quiz #11
Intruder Goes Skinny Dipping inHollywood Actor's Swimming Pool  
A Little Respect
I’ve spent a lot of time being happy in the past couple weeks. On the personal side, my wife and I recently welcomed our first grandchild into the family, cradling our oldest daughter’s baby in our arms hours after her birth and flashing back to doing the same with each of our three girls when they, too, emerged freshly into the world. I had no idea what