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2016/5.2, May 18 — Basin Reborn, Perimeter Parameters, Fountain Fireworks and more
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2016/5.2, May 18 — Basin Reborn, Perimeter Parameters, Fountain Fireworks and more

May 18, 2016

Finding a Fix
The fountain basin was designed for children at play, but a deteriorating finish was making it much less fun than it should have been. Enter Ron Melbourne, a specialist in reviving watershapes in their time of need: He saved the day with felt, adhesive, PVC and well-applied heat. [more]


#23: Perimeter-Overflow Spa

When done well, these water-in-transit systems look like simplicity itself, observes Mike Farley. But as he discusses in introducing this video, there’s a lot of careful work involved in preparing these increasingly popular watershapes for pitch-perfect performance. [more]


Provincial Splendor

Not even the staging for Bastille Day fireworks could completely hide the fountain at the heart of this French city from Jim McCloskey‘s curious eyes. When he returned the next day, he found a magnificent watershape that spoke volumes about local history and commerce. [more]


The New American Garden

The gardens of James van Sweden have influenced an entire generation of landscape architects and designers while his firm — Oehme, van Sweden — has designed scores of renowned public and private spaces in the United States and around the world. Here, he profiles his firm’s work on the Chicago Botanic Garden and its Great Basin, describing what it’s like to approach, bid and execute design projects at the very highest level.

This article, originally published in WaterShapes in March 2005, has been digitized for all readers. Click here to see the full text and enlarge the images to study the craftsmanship in detail.


Clients and Color Consistency

The use of decorative concrete in a rainbow of colors has opened watershape projects to an array of fantastic design possibilities. Unfortunately, notes Scott Cohen, it can also lead to problems when your clients decide the results don’t exactly align with their expectations. [more]


Generational Joys

The arrival of a new grandson on April 13 reminded Jim McCloskey of how significant a role his family’s pool and spa have played in their lives — including a few instances where there’s photographic proof of good times he’s shared with readers through the years. [more]


Nature Gone Wild Dept.: A hailstorm turns a Texas pool into a roiling, boiling sea of super-agitated water. [more]

It’s like comets hitting the ocean — and just a bit scary.

Silly Artistry Dept.: German pair treats New Yorkers to a goofy representation of ‘Van Gogh’s Ear’ [more]

Clever, but doesn’t this swimming pool deserve better?


Gardens for People
Back in 2011, Bruce Zaretsky used his column to explore the balance between two great pillars of design — and brought it all home by introducing a third key factor that should also be considered. [more]

Hayward Offers Salt Chlorinator with Extended-Life Cell

Hayward Pool Products (Elizabeth, NJ) has introduced AquaRite 900, an Expert Line salt chlorinator featuring an extended-life TurboCell that produces 25 percent more chlorine during its service life. Available in two models — one for pools holding up to 25,000 gallons, the other for pools with up to 40,000 gallons — the systems can cut chlorine costs in half. For details, click here.

PAL Lighting Launches Touch 5 Control System

PAL Lighting USA (Tucson, AZ) has introduced the Touch 5 wireless control. Designed with five separate channels operated by touch from a remote handset, smart phone or tablet, the unit has one channel dedicated to lighting control (and remembers the last color, speed and brightness settings) and four others to cover pumps, blowers, valves and more. For details, click here.


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